About Patchwork Crafts

Patchwork has considered as waste from making clothes that usually goes to the bin. But did you know that these small pieces of fabric can become main material of handicrafts that have selling value?

The patchwork craft can be said to be a combination of traditional arts that can be seen in the manufacturing process, and modern art that can be seen from the results of the handicrafts produced. The creations of patchwork not only have a selling value but also have their own uniqueness as other handicrafts made from other materials.

The patchwork crafts are bed covers, pillowcases, gallon covers, bags and many others. The creations will certainly have its own value from a whole ordinary cloth. The uniqueness and beauty of the products produced created from a combination of colors, motifs and other modifications according to the creativity of the craftsmen. Patchwork crafts are usually carried out in the home industry which is filled with creative people who have a high artistic spirit.

Nowdays, there are many individuals who want to make craft creations from patchwork as a hobby to fill their spare time. Patchwork crafts are worthy to be developed as one of the creative products carried out by SMEs. There several areas in Indonesia add this crafts skill to their high school informal activity to facilitate some student who interest in this craft.


credit image: unsplash

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