Crafts from Used Cardboard

You can do crafts from used cardboard to get rid of boredom in your spare time. In addition, you can make the boxes have a use value. There are lots of used cardboard around us that no longer used and you can use them.

The problem is how to use these used boxes so they don’t pile up at home. Sometimes you really want to throw away all the used cardboard, but you afraid that you will need it later, while if we keep it at home, it will also turn into used goods piling up and confused about what to use.

By making handicrafts from these used cardboards, you can save on your shopping expenses and more importantly, you will get your own satisfaction when you successfully complete it. Processing used cardboard can also be one way to support the environmental movement. With a few simple designs and a little creativity, you can turn these used cardboard boxes into useful works.

iPad Stand from Used Cardboard
iPad Stand designs from used cardboard can be made easily. With simple equipment and creativity in designs, the used cardboard stand can become a usefull product to recycling used cardboard. In addition, those kind of crafts can be a hobby and fill your spare time.

Making a Cat Play House from Used Cardboard
If you have a pet cat, you can make him a miniature house where he plays. By using used cardboard and simple equipment, you can make a play house for cats in an easy way.

Making a Christmas Tree from Used Cardboard
Christmas trees can not only be made using fir trees, but you can also use used cardboard. Beautiful Christmas tree can made using colorful cardboard that we often encounter.

Making a piggy bank from used cardboard
The last handicraft from cardboard is a piggy bank. If you are good at handicrafts, you can sell them and save the money in this piggy bank. With the design and the addition of color will make this piggy bank more attractive.


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