Unique and Creative Handicrafts from Used Bottles

Crafts from used bottles are one of the things you can do to save the environment. This is because used bottles are waste that is very difficult to decompose by the soil. Meanwhile, the existence of used bottles is increasing day by day due to the large number of drinks packaged in bottles and the high public interest in these drinks. Therefore, we have to think of ways to use these used bottles so that they can be processed into something used.

One way that we can do to reduce the amount of used bottles is to make handicrafts. By making crafts from used bottles, we will be able to reduce waste from unused bottles, from that waste we will make it a valuable crafts.

Unique and Beautiful Flower Pots from Used Bottles
You would not have thought that a used bottle that has been thrown in the trash can become beautiful crafts. For those of you who want to grow ornamental flowers or medicinal plants but don’t have enough land for planting media, maybe this beautiful pot from a used bottle is the solution. This pot model made from used bottles is very simple and easy to make. So it is very suitable for those of you who want to have ornamental plants or medicinal plants to be planted around the house. Placed this pot near your window, front or yard.

Besides, used bottles can also processed into other handicrafts such as decorative lights. Maybe you’ve often seen decorative lights made from used bottles, the shape is simple but very pleasing. By giving some shade of color to the bottle made of lights so that it will give its own impression. With these decorative lights, you can beautify the decor of the room and of course it will add comfort and calm in the room.

Handicrafts from used bottles seem endless. You can make used bottle creations into something unique and has many benefits. One of the handicrafts from used bottles is a variety of accessories. With creativity and perseverance you can definitely make various accessories from these used bottles. One example is crafting by utilizing the bottom of the bottle which used as a unique and classy accessory container.


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