Coconut Shells Crafts

Crafts from coconut shells are a form of re-utilization of unused coconut shells. Coconut shells can be creatively processed into interesting works. Of course, it also has a fairly high selling value.

Coconut shells which are waste from coconuts are often considered less useful or have no selling value at all. Therefore, we need to reprocess this coconut waste so that it becomes commercial items. One of the most important things to produce the best coconut shell crafts is maximum creativity. However, for those of you who find it difficult, you can look for references for how to make crafts from coconut shell waste more deeply.

Wind Chimes
Generally, traditional houses are usually equipped with classic bells, which is craft wind chimes from coconut shells. The combination of coconut shells with bamboo can produce a fairly loud bell sound. In addition, it is cheap or you can make your own easily.

Ashtrays are a basic need for those who are active smokers to be a place to dispose of their cigarettes. We often see ashtrays made of marble or iron. So this craft from coconut shells is unique and interesting because it is made of coconut shells. Apart from that, coconut shell ashtrays can also used for decoration in the living room. Ashtrays made of coconut shells will certainly add a classic and attractive impression.

Piggy Bank
If piggy banks made of plastic are too mainstream, what about piggy banks made of coconut shells? Of course, it will be more interesting and unique, right? A piggy bank made of coconut shells can be used as a gift for your little sister or baby. In addition to that, it can also train young children to be frugal and save as well as more active and creative insights in using money.

Key Chain
Key chains made of coconut shells are quite common in the market, especially in tourist destination market. There are so many shops sell key chains with figures, animal shapes and other cute shapes as well. Also suitable for gifts to friends, as a simple but very memorable sign of friendship. It will be even more impressive if the key chain is made by yourself.

Decorative lights
Decorative lamps from coconut shells can be used for attractive accessories as well as for display at home. With materials that are easy to find, we can already have a special home decoration.

There are many more handicraft products from coconut shells. You can learn about it in many video tutorials if you want to try making one of those crafts.


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