Bee Handicraft – Beautiful Fan Craft Products from Bali, Indonesia

Bee Handicraft (Bee Fans) is workshop and gallery of fan craft and other products which have distinctive characteristics with the ideas and creative innovations. Craftsmen of Bee Handicraft make a variety of products owned by utilizing waste as one of the ingredients for its products. Examples of the utilization of waste in this gallery is […] – Center of Wholesaler and Exporter of Handicrafts Original from Bali, Indonesia is a online wholesaler and exporter of many handicrafts from Bali with cheapest prices and best support from manufacturers directly. Your choice is very right to choose as your partner business. In addition, if any product in this site interests you particularly, please contact for more information or pictures. The images in show their […]

Suardita Silver – Exclusive Gold and Silver Smith Motif is Characteristic of Bali Jewelry

Suardita Silver is one of manufacturers and wholesalers gold and silver smith jewelry in Gianyar that has various kind of sterling silver jewelry. It carry only the best quality and authentic Bali sterling expressed from its design, style and also material. Many item from Indonesia silver harmony balls, chains, bangles, beads, body piercing, bracelets, brooches, […]

Bali Silver Jewelry is populer handicraft in Bali

Bali Silver – The Beautiful Design Jewelry Original from Bali, Indonesia

Bali is interesting because of its culture, religion and the beauty of its panorama. Located in between Java Island and Lombok Island, Bali became one of favorite tourist destination in Indonesia because of its uniqueness of culture, and the beauty of its panorama. Besides providing many choices of tourism locations, tourists can also find many […]