Bee Handicraft – Beautiful Fan Craft Products from Bali, Indonesia

Bee Handicraft (Bee Fans) is workshop and gallery of fan craft and other products which have distinctive characteristics with the ideas and creative innovations. Craftsmen of Bee Handicraft make a variety of products owned by utilizing waste as one of the ingredients for its products. Examples of the utilization of waste in this gallery is a fan craft products named Bee Fan. Raw material for fan products are waste goods that used by household everyday life, such as cloth, cans, wire, and bottles of oil that we’ve previously such manner as of the electoral process, separation, cleaning, making it safe for reuse later in design making it to be an attractive product.

In addition to using waste materials, craftsman of Bee Handicraft also combine with the selection of top quality and authentic traditional fabric, such as Batik, Songket, Velvet, Ulos with cotton material, so that ultimately resulted in fans and other products are very unique, high quality, luxury and suitable for your fashion accessories to equip your needs. Bee fans products consists of several categories, such as fan set of necklace box, wooden fan, fold fan, and other fan categories. Besides on that, Bee Handicraft also provides wallet, hand phone pocket and bottle cover.

With the new design in collaboration with craftsmen and fans, Bee Handicraft has the vision and mission of introducing fan products in the domestic that can support the world of fashion, accessories and souvenirs. As a souvenir that brought out of the country, Bee Handicraft has opted to introduce the art and quality fan products from artisans in Bali. As soon as possible, Bee Handicraft can be equated with countries that are well known to have used the fan culture like Japan and Spain.

Jl. Ahmad Yani No. 366 Peguyangan
Denpasar 80115, Bali – Indonesia
Phone: +62 361 7441 528
Mobile: +62 813 3708 8033
Instagram: beehandicrafts


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