Manacika Bali – Craft Center of Art Painting and Beads Handicraft from Bali, Indonesia

Bali is beautiful and famous island in Indonesia that has many unique handicrafts, which you will not find anywhere else. Manacika Art Gallery is one handicraft center in Bali that sell many various kinds of Bali handicraft like art painting and beads craft. This gallery has many variety designs of art paintings, from a simple classic […]

Bee Handicraft – Beautiful Fan Craft Products from Bali, Indonesia

Bee Handicraft (Bee Fans) is workshop and gallery of fan craft and other products which have distinctive characteristics with the ideas and creative innovations. Craftsmen of Bee Handicraft make a variety of products owned by utilizing waste as one of the ingredients for its products. Examples of the utilization of waste in this gallery is […] – Center of Wholesaler and Exporter of Handicrafts Original from Bali, Indonesia is a online wholesaler and exporter of many handicrafts from Bali with cheapest prices and best support from manufacturers directly. Your choice is very right to choose as your partner business. In addition, if any product in this site interests you particularly, please contact for more information or pictures. The images in show their […]

FANTASEA BALI – Central of Sea-Shell Craft Products in Bali

Sea-shell has beautiful natural color from its own original shell. It has gradation color that makes it more beautiful. The main color is dark and light which are good if they are combined in a product. It can be seen that sea-shell value is obviously increased within creative works. Many products in this shop are […]

dried flowers handycraft, beads jewelry

Indah Asri – Dried Flower Crafts

Indah Asri has speciality in creating beautiful flower crafts with dried flowers and leaves. From the dried material, it is recolored and reshaped into new form of flower as home decorations. Besides, they also creates jewelry from beads or nature beads. Some of the bead materials are from wood beads or seeds. To see their […]