Artee Art Handmade – Craft Center and Gallery of Handbags, Accessories, and Wedding Souvenirs from Nganjuk, East Java

Artee Art Handmade is craft center and gallery for handbag, wallet, and accessories product that integrating innovative design with highest quality genuine material to improve human life through beauty and functionality. Almost all ladies handbags here are made of natural material, starting from beads material with knitted craft. Artee Art Handmade produces various kinds of knitting and bead […]

GANESYA 1 – Bronzes and Beads Accessories Craft Special Made To Order, from Jombang – East Java

Jombang district is located in the central part of East Java Province. Jombang has a natural beauty and tourism potential. If you will travel there, take home souvenirs that have typical craft of Jombang. There are three forms of handicrafts typical of Jombang, there are bead, brass, and bronze handicraft. Using waste materials inside the kind of […]

Eva Accessories – Shop of Fashion Accessories and Beads Craft Jewelry from Surabaya, East Java

This is one of the accessories shop in Surabaya which has a lot of models choices for women accessories. All accessories jewelries such as necklace, bracelet, key chain, hair accessories, brooch crafts in Eva Accessories are beautiful, unique, and elegant. The flagship of the product is various types of beads brooch. All accessories products made by craftsmen […]

All handmade collections in this shop are made from good quality handmade by skilled craftsman

Chawaty Collection – Shop of Accessories Craft and Moslem Fashion Product, from Surabaya, East Java

Chawaty Collection is one of accessories shop and Moslem fashion boutique in Surabaya city. This shop supplies mukena (female Moslem wear for praying), women long-sleeve clothes, long shirt, and hijab fashion. Chawaty Collection also has known for its embroidery fashion, made by local tailor and designed by skilled embroidery designer. All clothes products here uses cotton material that […]

Anna Design – Fashion, Leather Craft, and Jewelry Accessories Collections from Jakarta

Anna Design sells variety of accessories which combined with various beads. The products include of bracelets, necklaces, earrings, rings, ornamental pins, headband, and many more. Not only accessories, Anna Design also provides bag, clutch, and purse for women that are made by hand with love and combined with leather and fabric collections. All collections both of accessories, leather […]

Jasmin Craft – Ethnic and Fashion of Beads Accessories and Sterling Silver Jewelry from East Java

This is one of the traditional and fashion jewelry shops in East Java which has a lot of models choices for women accessories, such as; necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, etc. In addition to sterling silver jewelry, Jasmin Craft also presents accessories that made of pearls and beads materials. You can explore a vast selection of styles and unique […]

Workshop of Various Women Accessories and Jewelry Craft from Sharia Union in Situbondo, East Java

There are many products of women accessories and jewelry craft that created by craftsmen from Situbondo. Find wide choices of fashion cloth and accessories with affordable prices and quality materials. All products, especially women accessories and jewelry craft like bracelet, brooch, earrings, bangle, and fashion necklace are made from beads and wood material. With various colors and unique motifs, all […]

Manacika Bali – Craft Center of Art Painting and Beads Handicraft from Bali, Indonesia

Bali is beautiful and famous island in Indonesia that has many unique handicrafts, which you will not find anywhere else. Manacika Art Gallery is one handicraft center in Bali that sell many various kinds of Bali handicraft like art painting and beads craft. This gallery has many variety designs of art paintings, from a simple classic […]

All accessories jewelries such as necklaces, bracelets, key chains, brooches and belt strands in this gallery are beautiful, unique, and elegant

Beautiful Accessory Jewelries Made from Beads Handicraft – Jombang, East Java

Beads (glass beads) that original from Jombang are from broken glass which is recycled and given a unique color then molded into a variety of accessories. The beads products of Gambang Village, Gudo District, Jombang, East Java are increasingly fluttering not only circulated in Indonesia, but also into worldwide. All accessories jewelries such as necklaces, […]

Find wide choices of women accessories in Elok Collection

Various Kind of Women Accessories in Elok Collection

Find wide choices of women accessories in Elok Collection. Wordplay of “Elok” in Indonesia has meaning beautiful and that’s true if collections in this shop make women look more beautiful and elegant with its accessories. This shop offers you various kind of hair accessories and jewelry accessories for women, such as unique hairband with ribbon, ring […]