SUJUDKRAFT – Gallery of Exclusive Handmade Glass Ornament Craft from Gresik, East Java

One and only in Gresik, handicraft creation for souvenirs and home decoration in different shapes and models made of glass raw material pyrex bars. White sparkling of glass ornament creations in Sujudkraft look like crystal and so beautiful, no wonder the eye can be widened in awe when you see it. Its unique method for […]

Gallery of Djaybe Craft – Center of Bamboo and Wooden Craft with Unique Motif from East Lampung

There are many products of craft and souvenir like weaving fabric, bamboo and wooden craft created by craftsmen from East Lampung, part of Lampung Province in Sumatera Island. You can choose your favorite craft in the form of  fabric, wood and bamboo bird cages, types of lanterns with cage motif, and coconut shell crafts with many colors […]

GANESYA 1 – Bronzes and Beads Accessories Craft Special Made To Order, from Jombang – East Java

Jombang district is located in the central part of East Java Province. Jombang has a natural beauty and tourism potential. If you will travel there, take home souvenirs that have typical craft of Jombang. There are three forms of handicrafts typical of Jombang, there are bead, brass, and bronze handicraft. Using waste materials inside the kind of […]

Gemilti Art and Craft – Gallery of Various Silver Miniatures Crafts and Decorative Arts from Kotagede, Yogyakarta

Gemilti Art and Craft has nice various silver handicrafts from Indonesia with high quality. All handmade products here are made with love and combined with unique and ethnic value. This gallery provides variety of top handicraft products related to silver material with character of Javanese culture like puppet and Indonesia mask characters. Products of traditional nuances serves as an addition to […]

Karya Mandiri – Industry of Wooden Craft and Decorative Furniture with Ethnic Design from Palu, Central Sulawesi

Karya Mandiri is industry of natural wood that creating unique and handmade craft pieces products. Karya Mandiri as the teak root and natural wood workshop is located in Palu, Central Sulawesi. This workshop presents various kind of special miniature with many variation forms and designs such as animals, transportation, and many more. All products are handmade using natural […]

Garnis Silver – Indonesia Tradional Jewelry and Sterling Miniature Craft from Kotagede, Yogyakarta

This is one of the traditional jewelry shops in Kotagede, Yogyakarta which has a lot of models choices for women accessories, such as; necklaces, bracelets, earrings, brooches, etc. In addition to Indonesia traditional jewelry, Garnis Silver also presents accessories and miniature craft like pedicab miniature, carriage miniature, animal miniature, etc. All products of Garnis Silver are […]

D’Lava Craft – Center of Handmade Souvenir and Woven Fabric from Lombok Island, NTB

D’Lava Craft is originated from Lombok, NTB which is beautiful and famous craft center that has many unique ethnic handmade products. D’Lava Craft is one of handicraft centers in Lombok Island that has many kind design of handicraft, from a simple classic design to a very special & exotic one. Collections of D’Lava are vary, starting from bicycle miniature, […]

Antique Natural Wood – Workshop of Quality Wooden Miniature Craft Original from Tasikmalaya, West Java

Antique Natural Wood is producer of natural wood that create unique and handmade craft pieces products. Antique Natural Wood as the natural wood workshop is located in Tasikmalaya, West Java. This workshop presents various kind of special miniature with many variation forms and designs such as animals, people, till superhero figures like batman, captain america, […]

Manacika Bali – Craft Center of Art Painting and Beads Handicraft from Bali, Indonesia

Bali is beautiful and famous island in Indonesia that has many unique handicrafts, which you will not find anywhere else. Manacika Art Gallery is one handicraft center in Bali that sell many various kinds of Bali handicraft like art painting and beads craft. This gallery has many variety designs of art paintings, from a simple classic […]

Various Kind of Quality Handicrafts from Magetan, East Java

Hearing the word of “Magetan”, probably for most people will immediately think about Sarangan Lake, because Sarangan Lake is one of the tourist icons of Magetan that located at the foot of the Lawu Mountain. Not only that, Magetan also has other icons that are not less interesting to visit because location of Magetan is […]