Bamboo Woven Crafts in Indonesia

Woven craft from bamboo is one of various kinds of works in Indonesia. In addition, the tropical climate in Indonesia is very supportive of the development of bamboo plants. So that the availability of raw materials for making woven bamboo is very abundant. Besides used as woven bamboo, it is also used as a material […]

Going Global with Folding Houses and Products from Bamboo

The bamboo house is one of the Indonesian products that very popular and sought after by buyers from various countries. One of the companies in Indonesia that produces bamboo furniture and housing needs is Dekor Asia. Not only folding bamboo houses, Dekor Asia has produced hundreds of product designs made of bamboo and wood. These […]

Linda Lombok Bagus – Art Shop with Handmade Souvenir and Basket Craft from Lombok and Bali Area

Linda Lombok Bagus is a wholesaler and exporter of many handicrafts from Lombok and Bali with affordable prices and best support from manufacturers directly. Linda Lombok Bagus has many kind design of handicraft, from a simple classic design to a very special & exotic one. There are basket products, the famous craft of Linda Lombok Bagus, that made […]

Gallery of Djaybe Craft – Center of Bamboo and Wooden Craft with Unique Motif from East Lampung

There are many products of craft and souvenir like weaving fabric, bamboo and wooden craft created by craftsmen from East Lampung, part of Lampung Province in Sumatera Island. You can choose your favorite craft in the form of  fabric, wood and bamboo bird cages, types of lanterns with cage motif, and coconut shell crafts with many colors […]

Kampung Angklung Panji Mekar: Angklung Musical Instrument – Making Center in Ciamis, West Java

Angklung is a musical instrument multitonal (dual tone) that is traditionally grown in Sundanese people in the western part of Java Island. This musical instrument made ​​of bamboo, rung by shaken (noise caused by the impact of a bamboo pipe body) resulting in a sound that vibrates in the composition of tones 2, 3 to […]

Various Kind of Quality Handicrafts from Magetan, East Java

Hearing the word of “Magetan”, probably for most people will immediately think about Sarangan Lake, because Sarangan Lake is one of the tourist icons of Magetan that located at the foot of the Lawu Mountain. Not only that, Magetan also has other icons that are not less interesting to visit because location of Magetan is […]

Amygdala Bamboo: Unique Bamboo Handicraft with Empathic Design Method from Youth Organization of Bandung – West Java

Indonesia are well known as bamboo birdcage village. Bamboo has uniqueness as a raw material for the manufacture which the bamboo products is more easily processed and has a shape wider opportunities than wood, especially bamboo in Indonesia is more easily obtained with a relatively cheap price. Seeing this opportunity, Harry Mawardi who has educational […]

This workshop presents wide range of bamboo furniture and woven bamboo handicraft at finest with different design and models that fit customers` needs and taste

Trenggalek Bamboo Handicraft and Furniture with Creative Design

One potential area of ​​Trenggalek that can reach the export market is thebamboo  craft industry. Various handicraft industrial centers are found in the district directly adjacent to this Tulungagung area, such as woven bamboo crafts in the Wonoanti Village, Gandusari District (20 km from the city center of Trenggalek). The village produces a wide assortment […]

choose bamboo craft products such as lamp decoration, farmers hat, decorative baskets, and many more

Indah Bamboo Crafts From Youth Organization of Trenggalek – East Java

  Indah bamboo craft is the youth organization workshop in Trenggalek – East Java. The organization has fostering the youth in craft using bamboo as its main material. By this organization, the youth produce some interior products, handicrafts, souvenir need and others bamboo craft products. Choose bamboo crafts products, such as; lamp decoration, farmers hat, […]