Linda Lombok Bagus – Art Shop with Handmade Souvenir and Basket Craft from Lombok and Bali Area

Linda Lombok Bagus is a wholesaler and exporter of many handicrafts from Lombok and Bali with affordable prices and best support from manufacturers directly. Linda Lombok Bagus has many kind design of handicraft, from a simple classic design to a very special & exotic one. There are basket products, the famous craft of Linda Lombok Bagus, that made […]

Manggar Revia Natural – Ethnic & Natural Bag with Welling Material and Variety Methods Process from Yogyakarta

Almost all ladies handbags of Manggar Revia Natural are made of natural material, starting from rattan, straw pandanus, mendong, agol, palmae, bamboo, and leather that are already commonly used as crafts.  There are many handmade methods to make beautiful handbag craft, starting from weaving, knitting, painting, and crochet that designed by craftsmen of Manggar Revia Natural. […]