About Patchwork Crafts

Patchwork has considered as waste from making clothes that usually goes to the bin. But did you know that these small pieces of fabric can become main material of handicrafts that have selling value? The patchwork craft can be said to be a combination of traditional arts that can be seen in the manufacturing process, […]

Unique and Creative Handicrafts from Used Bottles

Crafts from used bottles are one of the things you can do to save the environment. This is because used bottles are waste that is very difficult to decompose by the soil. Meanwhile, the existence of used bottles is increasing day by day due to the large number of drinks packaged in bottles and the […]

Bamboo Woven Crafts in Indonesia

Woven craft from bamboo is one of various kinds of works in Indonesia. In addition, the tropical climate in Indonesia is very supportive of the development of bamboo plants. So that the availability of raw materials for making woven bamboo is very abundant. Besides used as woven bamboo, it is also used as a material […]

Paper Weaving with Various Motifs

Paper weaving is a typical craft from Indonesia. Weaving is one of the techniques used in traditional Indonesian crafts. The weaving technique is manual technique that still uses hands to make an art work. By having weaving skills, you can make various handicrafts, such as food containers, wall hangings, bags, plasterboard houses and even like […]

Coconut Shells Crafts

Crafts from coconut shells are a form of re-utilization of unused coconut shells. Coconut shells can be creatively processed into interesting works. Of course, it also has a fairly high selling value. Coconut shells which are waste from coconuts are often considered less useful or have no selling value at all. Therefore, we need to […]

Various Handicraft Products from Banana Leaves

Banana leaf in creativity and imagination person will turn out to be high value crafts. The following are some examples of handicrafts from banana leaf made by several craftsmen in Indonesia. Painting of Banana LeafIt turns out that banana leaf can be used as paintings and the method is very easy. All you have to […]

Crafts from Banana Leaf

Besides fruit and leaves, it turns out that there is another part of banana plant that can be used as crafts material, it is banan leafe. Indeed, for some people, banana leafs are considered as useful dry waste. But now in the hands of creative people, banana leaf has become many unique handicrafts and has […]

The Silver and Leather Craft Industry in Kotagede is Increasing

Kotagede, a sub-district located in Yogyakarta, Province of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY). This area is bordered by Bantul Regency in the north, east and south, and bordered by Umbulharjo District in the west. Since ancient times, the indigenous people of Kotagede called Kalang people have the expertise to make wood, silver and gold […]

Eco-Friendly Craft Materials, from Banana Fibre to Kombucha

The craft industry is increasingly innovating to be able to adapt to environmental issues that hotly discussed. One of the innovations is to utilize organic materials that environmentally friendly and can be recycled. Craftsmen also collaborate with researchers to find new materials that can be used as craft products. So far, we are familiar with […]

Banten Handicrafts That You Must Know!

Besides famous for its tourist destinations, Banten is also famous for some of its handicrafts. These handicrafts are made directly by the native people of Banten and have their own beauty and characteristics. In fact, some of these typical handicrafts also contain mystical values. What are the typical Banten handicrafts? The first typical Banten handicraft […]