Various Handicraft Products from Banana Leaves

Banana leaf in creativity and imagination person will turn out to be high value crafts. The following are some examples of handicrafts from banana leaf made by several craftsmen in Indonesia.

Painting of Banana Leaf
It turns out that banana leaf can be used as paintings and the method is very easy. All you have to do is provide dry banana leaf, plywood to be used as a base, frames, clear paint, scissors, and glue. The first process is to make the pattern of the image, cut out and paste the banana leaf based on the pattern formed on the media. After that, smear with clear paint and dry. The last step is to install the frame to make it beautiful.

Beautiful Bag from Bananas
Not only for painting art, the dry banana leaf can also made into beautiful bags. To make this bag, you need to provide dry banana leaf, mattress thread, varnish paint, knife, finishing color. The first step is making the banana tree into blades and then drying it for 10 days so that the water content in the banana tree is lost. Then make knitwear using dry banana leaf blades, so that the bag is strong, you can glue the banana leaf fiber and then tie it with mattress thread. The last step is coloring the bag according to your wish.

Unique Sandals from Bananas Leaf
To make sandal craft from banana leaf, the steps are similar to how to make a bag. The difference is only in the shape of webbing made. Meanwhile, the materials and equipment used are the same.

Pencil Case from Banana Leaves
Making a pencil holder from banana leaf is fairly easy. You need to prepare the scissors, seeds, glue, and cardboard. Formed cardboard according to the shape of the your pencil holder. Glue the banana leaf to the cardboard. Then you can add seeds as decoration for the pencil case. So, a unique and cute pencil case is the result of your own work.

Tissue Holder from Banana Leaf
To make tissue boxes crafts, you need to prepare the materials and equipment such as used tissue boxes, wood glue, seeds, leaves and the main material is the dry banana leaf. Slicing thinly the banana leaf and drying it. After that you can stick the banana leaf on the cardboard used for tissue.

That’s the craft of banana leaf as well as tips on how to make it so that it can produce unique and beautiful craft products.


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