When the Belgian Public Interested in Indonesian Food and Beverage Products

The presence of Indonesian food and beverage products at festivals and exhibitions abroad is not only for introducing culture. There is also a business factor, where it is hoped that Indonesian food and beverage products can be exported to various countries around the world, including Belgium. At the recent Tavola Expo exhibition in Brussels, it […]

Development of Halal Products in Indonesia

Marketing of halal products in Indonesia is growing rapidly from year to year. Not only as a necessity, now the consumption of halal products is like a trend and becomes a lifestyle in the midst of Indonesian society. Although the food and beverage sector is still the halal product with the highest consumption, currently other […]

Jambi Provincial Government Encourages Areca Nuts to Become a Leading Export Product

The Jambi Provincial Government (Pemprov) encourages areca nut products to become a leading export commodity. Areca nut is a monocot plant belonging to the palms. People in Indonesia have long known it as an alternative or herbal medicine, both for health and beauty. Countries in South Asia and other Southeast Asia such as India, Pakistan, […]

Panen Raya in Tuban, East Java Becomes the Largest Rice Producer in Indonesia

The East Java Provincial Government is committed to realizing national food sovereignty through the use of agriculture technology (agritech) and the downstreaming of agricultural products. This is because the potential for agricultural products in East Java is very large, plus East Java is the largest rice producer in Indonesia. In 2021, East Java will still […]

Online Shop Products Hunted by Indonesians During the Rainy Season

Often the goods we buy need to adjust to the current weather conditions. For example, the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) forecast that the peak of the rainy season will end in April 2022 has encouraged people to buy certain goods to faced this kind of weather. The heavy rain is certainly not a […]

98 Percent of Indonesian Fishery Products Received by Countries in the World

The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) stated that 98 percent of Indonesia’s marine and fishery sector products were received in export destination countries. This is based on the performance records of the Fish Quarantine and Fishery Product Safety Quality Control (BKIPM). Meanwhile, the export value of various commodities has increased, for example, the […]

Indonesia Exports Coconut Sugar to Spain

The Ministry of Trade released the export of coconut sugar from Banyumas worth one million Euros or Rp. 16 billion to Spain. The export of coconut sugar from Banyumas to Spain will continue to be sustainable with a total of 24 containers of orders per year. This coconut sugar product will later be marketed by […]

Indonesia as a Rice Growing Country

As an agricultural country, Indonesian people must learn how to cultivate rice plants properly and correctly. Because most Indonesian people consume rice as a staple food. The high carbohydrate content and good taste make rice chosen as one of the favorite foods for the people of Indonesia. Therefore, the demand for rice in Indonesia is […]

Unique and Creative Handicrafts from Used Bottles

Crafts from used bottles are one of the things you can do to save the environment. This is because used bottles are waste that is very difficult to decompose by the soil. Meanwhile, the existence of used bottles is increasing day by day due to the large number of drinks packaged in bottles and the […]