Not Just New Clothes, These Are 4 Items That Often Bought Before Eid

Towards Lebaran or Eid, usually people will be busy with shopping. That’s Indonesian people do. Eid has started with shopping for new clothes. However, there are other items that equally important to buy ahead of Lebaran and have even become a tradition. What are the things you always buy before Eid besides clothes? PastryPastries seem […]

Indonesia Sets Permit Requirements for Palm Products Export

The world’s top palm oil maker Indonesia had expanded its export permit requirement for palm oil products to include other derivatives, a Trade Ministry regulation reviewed by Reuters on Wednesday (Feb 9) showed. The new rules take effect on Feb 15, according to the regulation signed on Tuesday, and applies to products such as margarine […]

Indonesia’s Leading Export Products

Indonesia is known as a country rich in natural resources. This view is not entirely wrong, because several natural resource products in Indonesia are currently the main export products. There are a number of Indonesian export products that are superior in the global market. According to the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Indonesia’s export products are […]

Baliette Home Furnishings, Surabaya

Baliette furniture is Teak and home furniture manufacturer from Surabaya – East Java which has various wooden furniture products for offer. Baliette focused in Teak home furnishing and has exported its products through many countries in the world. This company has supply hotels, restaurants, resorts, colleges, and many more. As Teak home furnishing, Baliette produces […]

Unique and Creative Handicrafts from Used Bottles

Crafts from used bottles are one of the things you can do to save the environment. This is because used bottles are waste that is very difficult to decompose by the soil. Meanwhile, the existence of used bottles is increasing day by day due to the large number of drinks packaged in bottles and the […]

Get to know Gringsing Cloth, the Beauty of Ancient Balinese Culture

If in Flores there is ikat cloth, then in Bali there is the original Balinese Aga cultural heritage called Gringsing woven cloth. Gringsing cloth is one of the ancient Balinese cultural heritage that still survives today. The word gringsing consists of words gring which means ‘sick’ and sing which means ‘no’ so it can be […]

Definition of Export

By definition and function, export is a form of international trade. Exports occur when goods produced in one country are shipped to another country for sale or trade. Exports are important for the country’s economy. Because commodity sales increase the country’s gross income. Export is the delivery of merchandise abroad. Exporting is sending merchandise abroad. […]

Types and Characteristics of Mixed Media-Based Crafts

Mixed media-based crafts are works made with the aim of changing the shape of an object. In other words, crafts that were originally made from one type of material can combined with other compositions to make them more attractive. Changes made in mixed media-based craft concept do not diminish its function. Mixed media based crafts […]

This Culinary Product Is Original From Indonesia

A culinary product is identified by its brand. Often times, the brand also identifies the quality of a product. Regarding brands, there are a number of Indonesian culinary products that are often mistaken for foreign origin. The assumption is built, perhaps because the quality of the product is equivalent to an outside brand. Hoka-Hoka BentoThe […]