Not Just New Clothes, These Are 4 Items That Often Bought Before Eid

Towards Lebaran or Eid, usually people will be busy with shopping. That’s Indonesian people do. Eid has started with shopping for new clothes. However, there are other items that equally important to buy ahead of Lebaran and have even become a tradition.

What are the things you always buy before Eid besides clothes?

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Pastries seem to be one of the items that should not be missed to welcome Eid. Starting from nastar, snow white cookies, peanut cake, to kastangel are always exist, decorating the house during Eid. Shopping for pastries is usually done by those who are not good at making cakes.

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Cake Jar and Glass
One of the items that widely purchased ahead of Lebaran are various cake jars and crystal glasses. It is because every year there is always a new unique and cute model of jars and glasses, so it inspires to buy, as containers for pastries and other foods.

Canned Drink
In addition to buy pastries, canned drinks are the items you shouldn’t miss to buy before Lebaran. This drink is often bought by Indonesian families to welcome visiting guests. Canned drinks are always available at homes during Eid with a wide selection of brands and flavors.

One of the agendas carried out during Eid is to establish a relationship by visiting the homes of relatives and colleagues. To welcome guests, the thing to do is to clean up the house by tidying up and changing the decorations from the house to the interior, such as curtains. Buying new curtains is one of women habits when shopping for Eid.


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