Indonesia’s Most Exported Forestry Industry Products

The Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK) noted that the export value of forest industry products is increasing from year to year. The most widely exported forestry industry product is paper. Then, pulp became the forestry product with the largest export value in second place. The forestry product with the third largest export value is […]

When the Belgian Public Interested in Indonesian Food and Beverage Products

The presence of Indonesian food and beverage products at festivals and exhibitions abroad is not only for introducing culture. There is also a business factor, where it is hoped that Indonesian food and beverage products can be exported to various countries around the world, including Belgium. At the recent Tavola Expo exhibition in Brussels, it […]

Development of Halal Products in Indonesia

Marketing of halal products in Indonesia is growing rapidly from year to year. Not only as a necessity, now the consumption of halal products is like a trend and becomes a lifestyle in the midst of Indonesian society. Although the food and beverage sector is still the halal product with the highest consumption, currently other […]

Indonesia Sets Permit Requirements for Palm Products Export

The world’s top palm oil maker Indonesia had expanded its export permit requirement for palm oil products to include other derivatives, a Trade Ministry regulation reviewed by Reuters on Wednesday (Feb 9) showed. The new rules take effect on Feb 15, according to the regulation signed on Tuesday, and applies to products such as margarine […]

Indonesia’s Leading Export Products

Indonesia is known as a country rich in natural resources. This view is not entirely wrong, because several natural resource products in Indonesia are currently the main export products. There are a number of Indonesian export products that are superior in the global market. According to the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), Indonesia’s export products are […]

Indonesia as a Rice Growing Country

As an agricultural country, Indonesian people must learn how to cultivate rice plants properly and correctly. Because most Indonesian people consume rice as a staple food. The high carbohydrate content and good taste make rice chosen as one of the favorite foods for the people of Indonesia. Therefore, the demand for rice in Indonesia is […]

Unique and Creative Handicrafts from Used Bottles

Crafts from used bottles are one of the things you can do to save the environment. This is because used bottles are waste that is very difficult to decompose by the soil. Meanwhile, the existence of used bottles is increasing day by day due to the large number of drinks packaged in bottles and the […]

These 5 Indonesia Products Have Been Popular In The World

Indonesia is one of popular countries in the world for its local products. As is known, many things from Indonesia has successfully amazed many foreign countries, such as in terms of tourism, food, culture, art and others. And another thing that has go international are the local products. It turns out that many Indonesian products […]

Crafts from Banana Leaf

Besides fruit and leaves, it turns out that there is another part of banana plant that can be used as crafts material, it is banan leafe. Indeed, for some people, banana leafs are considered as useful dry waste. But now in the hands of creative people, banana leaf has become many unique handicrafts and has […]