When the Belgian Public Interested in Indonesian Food and Beverage Products

The presence of Indonesian food and beverage products at festivals and exhibitions abroad is not only for introducing culture. There is also a business factor, where it is hoped that Indonesian food and beverage products can be exported to various countries around the world, including Belgium.

At the recent Tavola Expo exhibition in Brussels, it was seen that Indonesian food and beverage products were in demand by Belgian entrepreneurs. Indonesia again participated in the Tavola Expo premium food product exhibition which was held in Kortrijk, Belgium from March 20 to March 22, 2022, according to a statement from the Indonesian Embassy in Brussels received in Jakarta.

With the support of the Indonesian Embassy in Brussels, a number of Indonesian entrepreneurs included their companies in the exhibition, such as; Javanusa Coffee, Eastern Pearl, PT Frootiful Natural Nusantara, CV Indo Kreasi Cipta Rejeki, Interaromat, PT Agrowing Agriculture Indonesia and All Quality Import. The Indonesian stage was decorated with the theme “Spice Up the World” and featured various superior Indonesian food and beverage products, such as tea, coffee, dried fruit, herbs and spices.

Food products are one of the largest imported products in Belgium. In 2020, the Belgian food and beverage sector imported more than 22 billion Euros from various countries. In particular, imports of coffee, tea and spice products to Belgium continue to show an increasing trend. In 2021, imports of Belgian coffee and spice products will increase by 13 percent compared to the previous year.

This condition can be a big potential for food and beverage producers in Indonesia. Visitors to Tavola are dominated by retail industry actors, both large and small, including online shops.

In addition, representatives from import companies, catering companies and restaurants also visited Tavola to meet with foreign food and drink product manufacturers. Although Belgian businessmen were the dominant visitors, many entrepreneurs from countries around Belgium participated in the Tavola Expo, such as from France, Germany and the Netherlands. Besides Indonesia, more than 400 participants who came from 19 countries participated and displayed a variety of premium food and beverage products.


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