Get to know Gringsing Cloth, the Beauty of Ancient Balinese Culture

If in Flores there is ikat cloth, then in Bali there is the original Balinese Aga cultural heritage called Gringsing woven cloth. Gringsing cloth is one of the ancient Balinese cultural heritage that still survives today. The word gringsing consists of words gring which means ‘sick’ and sing which means ‘no’ so it can be interpreted that the gringsing cloth is a magical cloth that keeps the wearer from harm. The fabric, which originates from Tenganan Village, Bali, uses a double tie technique and takes an average of five years to complete. The weaving process itself takes about two months, but the process of making the double ikat motif takes much times.

This woven fabric is only found in 3 countries and one of them is in Bali. The technique of making Gringsing cloth is called double ikat. This cloth is usually used in traditional ceremonies and now starting to appear in several fashion shows.

The price of Balinese gringsing cloth is very expensive because in addition to its production which is quite difficult and not short, the availability of materials used to make gringsing cloth is also limited. In the process of coloring, gringsing fabric cannot have thick and long-lasting color, if it is not given the color produced by candlenut oil.

The gringsing woven cloth is mentioned in Empu Prapañca’s Kakawin Nagarakretagama, where the curtains on one of Hayam Wuruk’s chariots, Sri Nata Wilwatikta (Indonesian historical figures), are written, made of gringsing cloth. To this day, in the Tenganan community of Bali, gringsing cloth is used for various ceremonies, such as religious ceremonies, tooth filing ceremonies, and wedding ceremonies.


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