About Patchwork Crafts

Patchwork has considered as waste from making clothes that usually goes to the bin. But did you know that these small pieces of fabric can become main material of handicrafts that have selling value? The patchwork craft can be said to be a combination of traditional arts that can be seen in the manufacturing process, […]

Banten Handicrafts That You Must Know!

Besides famous for its tourist destinations, Banten is also famous for some of its handicrafts. These handicrafts are made directly by the native people of Banten and have their own beauty and characteristics. In fact, some of these typical handicrafts also contain mystical values. What are the typical Banten handicrafts? The first typical Banten handicraft […]

The Craft Industry in Kotagede

Kotagede, a sub-district located in Yogyakarta city, Province of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY). This area is bordered by Bantul Regency in the north, east and south, and is bordered by Umbulharjo District in the west. Since ancient times, the indigenous people of Kotagede which called as Kalang people, have the expertise to make […]

Types and Characteristics of Mixed Media-Based Crafts

Mixed media-based crafts are works made with the aim of changing the shape of an object. In other words, crafts that were originally made from one type of material can combined with other compositions to make them more attractive. Changes made in mixed media-based craft concept do not diminish its function. Mixed media based crafts […]

The leather products of Menink are in international quality, so you will satisfied with the products.

All People Should Be Proud and Buy Local Products

Proud to Made in Indonesia is the government’s effort to help micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) to survive amid the impact of Covid-19. With this movement, Indonesians are encouraged to buy products made in Indonesia. The very large population of Indonesia, nearly 300 million people, is a big opportunity that can be optimized. If […]

The Furniture And Crafts Industry Increased During The Pandemic

The furniture and handicraft industry is one of the business anomalies because it shows an increasing trend during the Covid-19 pandemic situation. This is expected to be a driving force for economic improvement with the large potential for material and labor resources that can be exploited. The Indonesian furniture and handicraft industry is still recording […]

Find wide choices of women accessories in Elok Collection

Various Kind of Women Accessories in Elok Collection

Find wide choices of women accessories in Elok Collection. Wordplay of “Elok” in Indonesia has meaning beautiful and that’s true if collections in this shop make women look more beautiful and elegant with its accessories. This shop offers you various kind of hair accessories and jewelry accessories for women, such as unique hairband with ribbon, ring […]

FANTASEA BALI – Central of Sea-Shell Craft Products in Bali

Sea-shell has beautiful natural color from its own original shell. It has gradation color that makes it more beautiful. The main color is dark and light which are good if they are combined in a product. It can be seen that sea-shell value is obviously increased within creative works. Many products in this shop are […]

the Indonesia craft shop with various unique products

Banyuwangi Craft: Bamboo Chair – Gazebo – Dry Flower Craft

Come to this craft shop in Banyuwangi, East Java. Choose your craft here. The shop offers various craft made by skilled craftsman, such as; lamps decoration, bamboo chair, wedding decoration, gazebo, dry flower interior, souvenirs, and many more. Visit the shop at: Banyuwangi Craft Mr. Ahmad Heriyanto Jl. Diponegoro 145 Toyamas, Wringinrejo, Gambiran Banyuwangi – […]

Natural wood workshop in Pasuruan, East Java

Craft Products From Natural Wood Material : Pasuruan, East Java

This natural wood craft creates unique and handmade craft pieces products. CV Karya Trampil as the natural wood workshop is located in Pasuruan, East Java. Presents combination umbrella stand, combination curtain thick chip, variation thick chip, square ebony tray, coconut divider, and many more. Please come to: CV. Karya Trampil Mr. Suhartono Jl. Pahlawan Sunaryo […]