Purezento – Indonesia Gift Craft with Variety of Japan Characters and Icons – from Bandung, West Java

Purezento is a brand with original craft that specialized in making various crafts -style “Japan Icon and Anime Character” with many handmade products. Purezento presents variety of gift and souvenir products, including plaque, small doll, tissue boxes, pillow, bolster, clock, sticker, key chain, wall hanging decoration, note book, tote bags, pin, pencil case, and so on. Besides on that, […]

Eva Accessories – Shop of Fashion Accessories and Beads Craft Jewelry from Surabaya, East Java

This is one of the accessories shop in Surabaya which has a lot of models choices for women accessories. All accessories jewelries such as necklace, bracelet, key chain, hair accessories, brooch crafts in Eva Accessories are beautiful, unique, and elegant. The flagship of the product is various types of beads brooch. All accessories products made by craftsmen […]

Dolls that manufactured by Mrs. Sukma, the owner of Dian Collection, with varying sizes are clad in traditional clothing from different regions

Dian Collection – Handmade Miniature Doll and Souvenir Craft with Ethnic Value from Surabaya, East Java

Dian Collection is one of souvenir shop in Surabaya, East Java that offers wide variety of handmade souvenirs for you. Dian Collection is one of SMEs in Surabaya that producing miniature dolls as an ornament or a wedding gift and souvenir graduation. Dian Collection also has a concept to save the Indonesian culture to remain preserved by […]

All handmade collections in this shop are made from good quality handmade by skilled craftsman

Chawaty Collection – Shop of Accessories Craft and Moslem Fashion Product, from Surabaya, East Java

Chawaty Collection is one of accessories shop and Moslem fashion boutique in Surabaya city. This shop supplies mukena (female Moslem wear for praying), women long-sleeve clothes, long shirt, and hijab fashion. Chawaty Collection also has known for its embroidery fashion, made by local tailor and designed by skilled embroidery designer. All clothes products here uses cotton material that […]

Karya Mandiri – Industry of Wooden Craft and Decorative Furniture with Ethnic Design from Palu, Central Sulawesi

Karya Mandiri is industry of natural wood that creating unique and handmade craft pieces products. Karya Mandiri as the teak root and natural wood workshop is located in Palu, Central Sulawesi. This workshop presents various kind of special miniature with many variation forms and designs such as animals, transportation, and many more. All products are handmade using natural […]

D’Lava Craft – Center of Handmade Souvenir and Woven Fabric from Lombok Island, NTB

D’Lava Craft is originated from Lombok, NTB which is beautiful and famous craft center that has many unique ethnic handmade products. D’Lava Craft is one of handicraft centers in Lombok Island that has many kind design of handicraft, from a simple classic design to a very special & exotic one. Collections of D’Lava are vary, starting from bicycle miniature, […]

Cupu Manik – Gallery of Indonesia’s Handmade Souvenir of Shadow Puppet from Bandung, West Java

Cupumanik Gallery has been estblished since 1980, located in Bandung by its’s founder who once studied art in Bandung Institute of Technology, the late H. Heri Hermawan. In 1987, he received his first achievment that is Upakarti Award as the Hero of Local Culture Preservation from the late Indonesian’s President, Soeharto. Love of the puppet […]