In Java culture, Loro Blonyo statue will bring good luck and make a lasting domestic life when is placed in the home.

Sanggar Loro Blonyo – Variety of Statues and Sculptures Craft from Kasongan Village, Yogyakarta

Kasongan Village is a residential area of the kundi, which means the pitcher or Gundi (people who make a similar pitcher, gendi, cauldrons and other kitchen items are also classified as decorative items). Loro Blonyo Gallery is a craft shop in Kasongan Village which sell variety of statues and sculptures Loro Blonyo Nyi Roro Kidul […]

Asta Auliya Handicraft – Center of Mask Handicraft and Cultural Products from Yogyakarta

Besides batik, Yogyakarta also has center of mask craft. Bobung Tourism Village is located in Patuk District, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. The residents of this tourist village are mostly work as craftsmen mask. No kidding, wooden mask craft in Bobung is worldwide and famous to the other countries. To make the mask, the raw material used comes from […]

Rakuji House – Gallery of Mandiri Art Kemang and Shelter For Transforming Craft from Jakarta

Rumah Rakuji or Rakuji House is shelter for Indonesian Culture, Art, and Craft. Mission of Rakuji House is to promote mostly eco-friendly, variety of crafts made by artisans from Indonesia’s border and remote regions, such as products of woven crafts from the remote Badui Tribe lives in the Lebak Region, Banten Province, and West of Java. […]

Devaza Batang Collection – Craft Center of Patchwork, Wood, and Convection from Batang, Central Java

This is the craft and souvenir gallery in Batang, Central Java. This gallery offers you vary craft products that you can use it as a gift or souvenirs, such as animal miniature, pedicap miniature, clock, until sculpture that made of wood creation. Devaza Batang supplies various kind of handmade products, including woman accessories like pouch and handbag that […]

D’Lava Craft – Center of Handmade Souvenir and Woven Fabric from Lombok Island, NTB

D’Lava Craft is originated from Lombok, NTB which is beautiful and famous craft center that has many unique ethnic handmade products. D’Lava Craft is one of handicraft centers in Lombok Island that has many kind design of handicraft, from a simple classic design to a very special & exotic one. Collections of D’Lava are vary, starting from bicycle miniature, […]

Reog Ponorogo – The Beautiful Handicraft with Ethnic Value Art from Ponorogo, East Java

Reog is one of artistic cultures that originated from Ponorogo, East Java and Ponorogo nickname as Reog city truth. Because of this, Ponorogo is also known as Reog city. Reog is also famous as traditional dance that become the main identity for Ponorogo regency. Ponorogo city gates is decorated by Warok, two figures who have appeared at […]

This gallery has many kind design of handicraft, from a simple classic design to a very special & exotic one.

BAYAN LOMBOK Handicraft & Tropical Gifts In Lombok, Nusa Tenggara Barat

Lombok is beautiful and famous island in Indonesia that has many unique handicrafts, which you will not find anywhere else. One handicraft center in Lombok Island is Bayan Lombok Handicraft & Tropical Gifts that sell and make fine Lombok wooden handicraft & home ware, aromatherapy, beautiful painting, pottery, recycling gifts, ethnic accessories & bag, coconut […]

Buddha and god statue is made up of various sizes as well, started from the smallest about 5 cm up to biggest with 3 meters in this size

Antiques Brass Crafts from Ganesya Gallery – Original Handicarft from Jombang, East Java

Jombang district is located in the central part of East Java Province. Jombang has a natural beauty and tourism potential. Jombang tourist area is near to the natural destination Malang and historical travel of Majapahit, Trowulan. If you will travel ther, take home souvenirs that have typical craft of Jombang. There are three forms of […]