Daun Agel – Gallery and Handicraft Training for Variety of Handbag Craft Made from Natural Material

Daun Agel is enterprise and gallery that producing a range of handicraft from natural materials, especially from sewage plant. The material is mostly made by leaves and root. Daun Agel always keep doing innovation to create handicrafts in sewage plant material that it can be still used to serve as beautiful handicraft. Some of their well-made […]

Andyni Collection – Manufacturer and Shop of Batik Bag Craft and Souvenir from Surabaya, East Java

Andyni Collection is one of the flagship products of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) District of Gunung Anyar which producing batik bags. By optimizing the human resources in the environment, Andyni Collection always focuses on empowering the citizens of Mount Anyar economic improvement. Under the control of Mrs. Srie Budi Utami, with a workshop at Jl Rungkut […]

Chameo Couture was born to serve that needs. Every piece of Chameo bags is painstakingly designed, handwoven, and handcrafted in-house

Chameo Couture – Shop and Brand of Beautiful Woven Handbag Craft from Jakarta, Indonesia

Chameo Couture is a distinctive fashion brand integrating innovative design, artisan handwoven craftsmanship, and highest quality genuine material to improve human life through beauty and functionality. Almost all bags are made of natural material, starting from the plants that are already commonly used as crafts.  Woven bags here that designed by craftsmen of Chameo Couture […]

Minimax Gallery – Ethnic Clog Sandals and Unique Bag Handicraft Original from Tangerang, Banten

Minimax Gallery offers a selection of clogs sandals that are made ​​of wood by craftsmen Tasikmalaya. But more than that, the couple owner of Minimax Gallery, Fahmi and Renny, also sells handbags. Not just any bag, the product of Minimax Gallery has unique season that is the model looks like a bag taped over heels […]

Gendhis Natural Bag – Elegant and Fashionable Handbag from Indonesia with Beautiful Design

Gendhis Natural Bag is a distinctive fashion brand for handbag product that integrating innovative design with highest quality genuine material to improve human life through beauty and functionality. Almost all ladies handbags here are made of natural material, starting from rattan, straw pandanus, mendong, agol, palmae, bamboo, and leather that are already commonly used as crafts. […]

Lunar Mulia Kreasi – Bag Accessories and Home Furnishings Production from Sleman, Yogyakarta

Lunar Mulia Kreasi, located in the heart of Jogjakarta, Indonesia, offers a diverse collection of home accessories and home furnishings products. Within this range are tables, stools and benches, hand-carved sculptures, hand bags, tissue holders, trays, candle holders, and a broad collection of lighting products, including floor, table and wall lamps. Lunar’s innovative design skills […]

Devaza Batang Collection – Craft Center of Patchwork, Wood, and Convection from Batang, Central Java

This is the craft and souvenir gallery in Batang, Central Java. This gallery offers you vary craft products that you can use it as a gift or souvenirs, such as animal miniature, pedicap miniature, clock, until sculpture that made of wood creation. Devaza Batang supplies various kind of handmade products, including woman accessories like pouch and handbag that […]

All handmade products here are made with love and combined with unique and ethnic value.

Datie Handicraft – Handmade Product Combined with Aesthetics of Indonesia Culture

Datie Handicraft has nice various handmade product from Indonesia and high quality that their collections will be delivered punctually. Reliability and trustworthy are the keys of Datie Handicraft products with every effort is focused to achieve the two ideals. All handmade products here are made with love and combined with unique and ethnic value. Datie Handicraft is a work of art created […]

Kana Craft – Creation of Beautiful Woven Bags Combined with Painting Craft, from Jakarta

Kana Craft is a gallery workshop engaged in the field of fashion clothes and accessories. The specification of handicraft in Kana Craft is painting and woven bag products. This workshop has a lot of unique and beautiful handbags and tote bags for women because all products are handmade painting that combined with woven craft. Woven bags here that designed by […]

Paras Ayu Jogja: Collection of Beautiful Batik and Maxi Dress for Moslem Style – Yogyakarta, Indonesia

There are many products of Moslem fashion and handbag collection in Paras Ayu Jogja. This collection offers you female Moslem cloth from batik dress, batik long shirt, and style maxi dress with affordable prices and quality materials. Besides on that, Paras Ayu Jogja also provides modern handbag with batik motif. Since its establishment until now, […]