Dewi Collection – Showroom and Workshop of Variety Batik Craft and Clothing from Semarang, Central Java

Dewi Collection is batik showroom and workshop that located in Semarang, Central Java.  There are many handmade batik products here good quality and ethnic design. You can choose your favorite of various batik items with many colors and motifs in export quality. Dewi Collection supplies not only batik clothes and fabrics, but also handbag for women […]

All handmade batik products of Dewi Batik are good quality but at affordable price.

Dewi Batik – Workshop of Batik Fabric and Batik Accessories from Sampang, Madura Island

This is the handmade batik from Sampang, Madura – East Java. Dewi Batik is one batik workshop that providing all batik products with various colors and motif specialty of Batik Madura. All batik products here are through handmade batik process production and created by skilled craftsmen from Camplong area, Sampang. All handmade batik products of Dewi Batik […]

D Klotiq – Manufacturer of Batik Clog Slippers and Sandals – Unique Batik Craft from Indonesia

D Klotiq offers a selection of clog slippers and sandals that are made of wood by skilled craftsmen. But more than that, D Klotiq has unique season of clog sandals that is combined with the beauty of batik fabric. For the selection of clogs sandals, D Klotiq offers a double right which serves the circulation of blood. Clog […]

Andyni Collection – Manufacturer and Shop of Batik Bag Craft and Souvenir from Surabaya, East Java

Andyni Collection is one of the flagship products of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) District of Gunung Anyar which producing batik bags. By optimizing the human resources in the environment, Andyni Collection always focuses on empowering the citizens of Mount Anyar economic improvement. Under the control of Mrs. Srie Budi Utami, with a workshop at Jl Rungkut […]

This workshop offers you many motifs of Batik Jumputan with many colors combination

Modern and Unique of Batik Jumput “Tresno Citra” from Sidoarjo, East Java

Batik Jumputan is begin to know by many people since this workshop always attend in some SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) exhibition. Batik Jumputan is kind of the modern batik that manufacturing process uses techniques pinch and do not use wax as a barrier material. This technique uses the ropes as repellent colors which the parts […]

All bag products are made from selected patchwork and made by skilled craftsman

D’sil Homemade – From “Waste” Patchwork Fabric To Be Beautiful Creation – Handicraft from Malang, Indonesia

D’sil Homemade is the brand of handmade products that everything made with love and combined with fashion and ethnic value. This brand supplies the beautiful and unique handmade products, including handbag, wristlets, book cover, seat cushion and pouch that made from batik fabric and combined with “waste” patchwork fabric. All products are made from selected […]

Batik Bogor Tradisiku

Batik Bogor Tradisiku is a Bogor batik pioneer which was established in January 13th 2008. To show his love to Bogor, the owner (Mr Siswaya) was inspired to preserve Bogor cultural heritage and create jobs for the society. The products are variant, such as clothing, sleepers, helmet, tea set, and other ethnic products. Moreover, he […]