Dewi Collection – Showroom and Workshop of Variety Batik Craft and Clothing from Semarang, Central Java

Dewi Collection is batik showroom and workshop that located in Semarang, Central Java.  There are many handmade batik products here good quality and ethnic design. You can choose your favorite of various batik items with many colors and motifs in export quality. Dewi Collection supplies not only batik clothes and fabrics, but also handbag for women […]

Elfira Collection – Gallery and Boutique of Embroidery Cloth and Moslem Fashion from Lampung, Indonesia

Lampung has many featured craft products that have the potential to export, one of them is industrial of embroidery. Lampung embroidery industry is so unique and has a different style with other regions in Indonesia. With manual machine embroidery, Elfira Collection produces comfortable and elegant cloth for women as well as Moslem fashion and kebaya cloth with flower and […]

Yuan Batik – Gallery Shop of Batik Shirt, Dress, and Beautiful Painting Cloth from Surabaya, East Java

Yuan Batik is gallery shop of fashion clothes and accessories. The specification of fashion and accessories shop in Yuan Batik Shop is batik garment, painting cloth, and woven wallet. Yuan Batik offers you female batik cloth, include batik dress, batik long shirt, and style maxi dress with affordable prices and quality materials. This shop has a lot of unique […]

Lenibian Shop always preserves the best quality products of Batik and Moslem clothes which can be used in a variety of purposes and events.

Lenibian Shop – Collection of Batik Product and Moslem Fashion from Cirebon, West Java

Lenibian shop is one of Batik shop in Cirebon, West Java that provide Batik and hijab products. The shop has known very well by many moslem females that need to having beautiful scarf for their fashion. Lenibian supplies pashmina scarf, rectangular scarf, Batik Tulis (hand-writing), Batik Cap (stamp Batik) and many more products in variety colors and […]

Mentary Boutique – Collection of Moslem Cloth and Veil Collections from Surabaya, East Java

Find wide choices of Moslem fashion in Mentary Boutique. This shop offers you female Moslem dress, batik, veil, hijab, pashmina, mukena, accessories, and weaving clothing with affordable prices and quality materials. Besides on that, Mentary Boutique has online shop which can supply its products wholesale or retail, and ready to send all products to whole […]

The process of making handwriting batik

Sumbersari Batik – Handwriting Batik with Unique Motif Original from Bondowoso, East Java

There is local batik handicrafts original from Bondowoso that bring the concept of contemporary, modern and traditional. Characteristic motifs of Bondowoso batik are cassava and tobacco motif that referring to the border area of origin, namely the manufacture of Jember and Bondowoso which are a regional producer of cassava. Inspiration of Bondowoso batik motif also […]