Andyni Collection – Manufacturer and Shop of Batik Bag Craft and Souvenir from Surabaya, East Java

Andyni Collection is one of the flagship products of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) District of Gunung Anyar which producing batik bags. By optimizing the human resources in the environment, Andyni Collection always focuses on empowering the citizens of Mount Anyar economic improvement. Under the control of Mrs. Srie Budi Utami, with a workshop at Jl Rungkut Menanggal, Andyni Collection has brought housewife in Gunung Anyar District into a woman with many accomplishments. Desire of Mrs. Srie Budi Utami, the owner Andyni Collection, bags that made of batik fabric is becoming as an alternative choice of a souvenir from Surabaya. Her aspiration is making the district of Rungkut Menanggal as batik centers.

Andyni Collection supplies batik fabric handicraft in bag and wallet products, such as handbag, pouch, purse, etc. Besides on that, with manual machine embroidery, Andyni Collection also designs comfortable and elegant mukena (female moslem wear for pray) and handbag for mukena with various motifs and colors of batik fabric. Combining beads material and embroidery craft, Andyni Collection always serves premium handbag with print batik fabric and two themed combination motifs. Andyni Collection does accept customized design in certain quantity. With producing 100 to 200 pcs bag per month, Andyni Collection already has 10 employees all of whom are citizens of Rungkut Menanggal. Nothing wrong this time, Mrs. Srie Budi Utama has achieved the title of economy hero in Surabaya.

Let’s support Surabaya women’ small businesses with buying and exporting batik handbag of Andyni Collection

Mrs. Srie Budi Utami
Jl. Gunung Anyar Timur 61, Surabaya – East Java
Mobile: (+62) 899 3101 010

Jl. Rungkut Menanggal 2A, Surabaya – East Java

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