OTADAN BATIK – Manufacturer and Supplier of Handmade Batik Cotton Fabric from Solo, Central Java

Otadan Batik is an Indonesian Batik Cotton Fabric supplier who do Batik Fabric Wholesale. Otadan Batik is a manufacturer and a supplier of Batik Cotton Fabric which making good quality and creative designs of Batik Fabric. Indonesia Batik Cotton Fabrics from this workshop are supplied to retailers, importers and distributors who are looking for Wholesale Batik […]

The most characteristic of Rajjas Batik is its pure blue color which rarely found in other areas

Rajjas Batik – The Workshop of Handmade Batik Fabric with Pure Color and Motif from Cirebon, West Java

Rajjas Batik is a trademark of handwriting batik fabric artisans from Cirebon downtown area. This batik workshop produces many handwriting batik fabric creations with variety beautiful and flashy motifs and colors. Rajjas Batik has been producing Batik for a long time and batik fabric product here has many motifs. The most characteristic of Rajjas Batik is its pure blue […]

Oemah Batik – Showroom and Gallery of Beautiful and Colorful Batik Garment in Jakarta

The beauty of Cirebon Batik should be preserved and more widely introduced to the general public. This beautiful masterpiece typical Cirebon is not only as a work culture that can enjoy its beauty. Moreover, the beauty and elegance of Cirebon Batik also contains the value and meaning of the philosophical culture into wealth archipelago. Oemah Batik […]

R & B Handwriting Batik – Workshop of Handmade Batik Fabric with Ethnic Value from Kediri, East Java

Batik is one of Indonesia’s wealth. Various regions in Indonesia have distinctive and very famous batik, for example Yogjakarta, Solo, Pekalongan and Madura. Moreover, in tourist areas, a typical product (especially for batik product) will add to the city’s identity. In Kediri City, East Java, there are several manufacturers of batik and there are also […]

Paksi Nagaliman Batik – Cirebon Batik Motif with Ethnic Design and Light Color, from West Java

Cirebon Batik motif has a distinctive and unique. The colors of Cirebon Batik are classic with generally dominated by yellow, black, beige base color, and partly dark red, blue, black with beige fabric base color or ivory. The beauty of Cirebon Batik should be preserved and more widely introduced to the general public.  This beautiful masterpiece typical […]

Handwriting batik of Fajar Batik in peacock motif is drawn simple with horse and arranged in some positions

FAJAR BATIK – Workshop of Handwriting Batik with Natural Color and Design from Ponorogo, East Java

Batik, in Javanese means ‘to Dot’. Basically there are two kinds of batik; Handwriting Batik (batik tulis) and Printed Batik (batik cap). The price of handwriting batik is much more expensive than printed batik. Fajar Batik is located in Ponorogo downtown, East Java. Warna Alam (nature color) Batik motif is the signature motifs from Ponorogo, East Java. This kind type of handwriting […]

All handmade batik products of Dewi Batik are good quality but at affordable price.

Dewi Batik – Workshop of Batik Fabric and Batik Accessories from Sampang, Madura Island

This is the handmade batik from Sampang, Madura – East Java. Dewi Batik is one batik workshop that providing all batik products with various colors and motif specialty of Batik Madura. All batik products here are through handmade batik process production and created by skilled craftsmen from Camplong area, Sampang. All handmade batik products of Dewi Batik […]

KIM “Manggur” Batik – Manufacturer and Gallery of Unique Batik with Mango and Grape Motifs from Probolinggo, East Java

Manggur Batik is unique batik of Probolinggo City, East Java, with a prime motif is Mango and Grape (Manggur = Mangga Anggur. In Indonesia, Grape is Anggur). Motif of Mango and Grape is the identity of the City of Bayuangga (Bayu = Wind, Grape, Mango). History of Manggur Batik began in 1883, marked by a […]

Tanjung Bumi Batik – Beautiful and Unique Batik Motif with Named “Batik Gentongan” from Bangkalan, Madura Island

Batik is one of the Indonesia’s cultural works already famous to foreign countries. Almost every area of this country has a batik handicraft centers, especially the island of Java and its surroundings. Batik handicraft centers become cultural tourism destination much used by tourists both from within the country and abroad themselves. Madura island which lies […]

The uniqueness of the Madura batik motif that also provided by Athaya Batik is "Gentongan" batik. Gentongan batik process can take up to 6 months of storage in the barrel as part of the dyeing process.

Athaya Batik – Gallery of Beautiful Handwriting Batik with “Gentongan” Motif from Madura Island, East Java

A specialty clothing store named “Athaya Batik” may make you sit for hours to explore the beautiful hue typical Madura batik. Despite new efforts around two years, Mrs. Vetrylla Prima Zastrina, the owner of “Athaya Batik” can manage it quite successful experience with information expertise, so that they can also do online sales. Displaying the various […]