Get to know About Batik Lasem Tiga Negeri with Unique Motifs

Batik tiga negeri is batik that has three colors, including red, blue, and sogan (yellowish brown). In Lasem, Rembang Regency, Central Java, batik tiga negeri has been exist for hundreds of years. At that time, batik tiga negeri used noni root for red, indigofera leaves for blue, and tegeran wood for brown. Although it has […]

Oemah Batik – Showroom and Gallery of Beautiful and Colorful Batik Garment in Jakarta

The beauty of Cirebon Batik should be preserved and more widely introduced to the general public. This beautiful masterpiece typical Cirebon is not only as a work culture that can enjoy its beauty. Moreover, the beauty and elegance of Cirebon Batik also contains the value and meaning of the philosophical culture into wealth archipelago. Oemah Batik […]

Yusri Batik choose Cirebon batik as its batik products because there are various motifs of Cirebon Batik

Yusri Batik – Manufacturer and Gallery of Batik Product with Ethnic Motif from Cirebon, West Java

Yusri Batik is gallery of traditional batik craftsmen since years ago until now on. Settled in Cirebon, West Java, Yusri Batik has exported its products to many countries. The owner of Yusri Batik boutique, Mrs. Yusrianah Raharjo, has started its business since 1997. With a little help from her parents and capital of trust and […]

Kusumavignette is a batik manufacturer that focusing on quality and providing the needs of professionals uniform shirt and fabric

Kusumavignette – Uniform Specialist & Contemporary Batik from Yogyakarta

Kusumavignette is a batik workshop that specialize in manufacturer of uniform  and contemporary batik products. Located in Yogyakarta, batik of  Kusumavignette is one type of Batik Yogyakarta motifs that favored by many people. Even if you visit to the city of Yogyakarta, surely you will see many people using Batik Yogyakarta. Because Yogyakarta including the city that is […]

Batik collections of Wecono Asri are native of the Kingdom of Kediri, such as Gringsing Batik, Kawung Batik, and Parang Batik which the motifs are derived from Kediri.

Wecono Asri Batik – Beautiful Batik Collections with Unique Design, Original from Kediri

Located in Dandangan area, Kediri, Wecono Asri Batik gallery can be easily found with a small showroom that displays beautiful and unique batik original from Kediri. Around 2006, Mrs. Kasiana, the owner and founder of Wecono Asri Batik, began to recognize the current of Batik when she followed Batik training which organized by the Government […]

Abi Batik Madura offers many Maduresse Batik motives

Abi Batik Madura: The Handmade Batik of Pamekasan – Madura – East Java

This is the handmade batik from Pamekasan, Madura – East Java. All products is the natural hand made batik with various colors and through handmade batik process production. Find here the original Batik Madura and choose your Batik style! Visit the shop: Abi Batik Madura Mr. H. Muhammad Muchsin Jl. Raya Proppo no. 69-71, Pamekasan […]