Must Know, Miscellaneous Regional Batik Motifs in Indonesia

Basically, batik can made by stamping and printing. In addition to the various manufacturing processes, batik has various motifs. Research conducted noted that there were at least 5,849 Indonesian batik motifs spread from Aceh to Papua. The diversity of motifs and the strong philosophical values ​​that accompany this batik have also made the United Nations […]

Yusri Batik choose Cirebon batik as its batik products because there are various motifs of Cirebon Batik

Yusri Batik – Manufacturer and Gallery of Batik Product with Ethnic Motif from Cirebon, West Java

Yusri Batik is gallery of traditional batik craftsmen since years ago until now on. Settled in Cirebon, West Java, Yusri Batik has exported its products to many countries. The owner of Yusri Batik boutique, Mrs. Yusrianah Raharjo, has started its business since 1997. With a little help from her parents and capital of trust and […]

Paksi Nagaliman Batik – Cirebon Batik with Ethnic and Cultural Motif, from West Java

Cirebon Batik is one of the centers of the four batik industry centers in West Java batik industry. Cirebon is the oldest batik centers that give effect to the diverse patterns of batik in batik industry centers in West Java. Most famous of Cirebon batik motif and became icons Cirebon is Mega Mendung motif. In […]

Sekar Jagad Batik –Beautiful Batik Motif from Trenggalek, East Java

“Gemah Ripah Lohjinawi”, Trenggalek, one region in East Java provides plenty of inspiration for the people in creating something which preserve the culture of the community can also help the economy. As well as the art of handwriting batik, antiquity of Trenggalek is very famous for its art of batik with Sekar Jagad motif. Sekar […]