Get to know About Batik Lasem Tiga Negeri with Unique Motifs

Batik tiga negeri is batik that has three colors, including red, blue, and sogan (yellowish brown). In Lasem, Rembang Regency, Central Java, batik tiga negeri has been exist for hundreds of years. At that time, batik tiga negeri used noni root for red, indigofera leaves for blue, and tegeran wood for brown. Although it has […]

Batik Gunung Kendil – Handwriting and Contemporary Lasem Batik from Rembang, Central Java

Batik Tulis (handwriting) Lasem is begin to know by many people since several fashion designer present it in some fashion exhibition. Lasem itself is a small city in Rembang, Central Java that commonly called as old city. Batik Lasem often said as the soul of the city. Batik Gunung Kendil is a batik workshop that specialize in […]

batik lasem sekar mulyo workshop has flashy motifs of Batik

Batik Tulis Lasem Sekar Mulyo From Rembang – Central Java

Batik Tulis Lasem Sekar Mulyo is a trademark of Batik Tulis (handwriting batik) artisans from Lasem downtown area. This Sekar Mulyo Batik produces many Batik Tulis creations with variety beautiful and flashy motifs and colors. Batik Sekar Mulyo has been producing Batik for a long time. The Batik fabrics has many motifs, such as; Sekar […]