Get to know About Batik Lasem Tiga Negeri with Unique Motifs

Batik tiga negeri is batik that has three colors, including red, blue, and sogan (yellowish brown). In Lasem, Rembang Regency, Central Java, batik tiga negeri has been exist for hundreds of years. At that time, batik tiga negeri used noni root for red, indigofera leaves for blue, and tegeran wood for brown. Although it has […]

Raden Wijaya Batik – Beautiful and Traditional Handwriting Batik from Batu City, East Java

Batik is one of Indonesia’s wealth. Various regions in Indonesia have distinctive and very famous batik, for example Jogjakarta, Solo, Pekalongan and Madura. Moreover, in tourist areas, a typical product (especially for batik product) will add to the city’s identity. In Batu City, East Java, there are several manufacturers of batik and there are also […]

this shop is specialize in handwriting batik in Mojokerto

Negi Batik Majapahit From Mojokerto – East Java

Negi Batik Tulis (hand drawing) offers its special products named Batik Tulis Majapahit. This Batik showroom present special motifs and design of Batik fabrics and clothes. Bring the Majapahit motifs, the showroom has exported its products through many countries in the world. The showroom also develop the garment business to another city like Surabaya. It […]