Adifta Batik – Workshop of Handwriting Batik Fabric and Cloth with Unique Motif from Cirebon, West Java

Batik is one of the original fashion products made in Indonesia. Batik has variety of motives and high artistic value, making Indonesia batik is known to foreign countries. Along with the times, batik sales business also continues to increase. One of them that suffered in batik business Mrs. Dina Rosdiana (27), the owners of batik […]

. You can choose your favorite of various batik items with many colors and motifs in export quality

Canting Wira – Showroom of Batik Product in Surabaya with Elegance Design and Beautiful Motif

As one of Batik showroom in Surabaya, Canting Wira has various Batik designs which made by the skilled Batik craftsmen. All products here are ‘Batik Tulis’ (handwriting / drawing batik) in unique and beautiful motifs. Batik colors and motif products of Canting Wira show the style of East Java Batik. Bringing the motif original creation from […]

Muthia Batik – Ethnic and Fashion Batik Clothing with Trendy Design from Indonesia

Muthia Batik is a batik boutique and wholesaler that focusing on fashion trends and providing the needs of professional classy shirt and skirt. Muthia Batik offers various kind of handmade Batik clothes and all products are made by skilled Batik artists from several Batik area.  Besides on that, Muthia Batik also provides batik fabric with ethnic motif but still look […]

The most characteristic of Rajjas Batik is its pure blue color which rarely found in other areas

Rajjas Batik – The Workshop of Handmade Batik Fabric with Pure Color and Motif from Cirebon, West Java

Rajjas Batik is a trademark of handwriting batik fabric artisans from Cirebon downtown area. This batik workshop produces many handwriting batik fabric creations with variety beautiful and flashy motifs and colors. Rajjas Batik has been producing Batik for a long time and batik fabric product here has many motifs. The most characteristic of Rajjas Batik is its pure blue […]

In addition to batik cloth, Putri Nabila also supplies various kinds of batik fabric with unique batik motifs from various regions in Indonesia.

Putri Nabila Batik – Shop and Supplier of Batik Fabric and Cloth with Sogan Motif from Central Java

Putri Nabila Batik is one of Batik shop which offers unique and fashionable Batik products. Some of Putri Nabila Batik products are all kind of Batik fabrics and clothes in various models and techniques (print, stamp, drawing). This workshop also offers Sragen batik motif with classic colors mix and it is famous with its sogan (brown) […]

Batik Cici – Workshop and Manufacturer of Elegance Batik Cloth and Fabric from Solo, Central Java

Batik Cici Solo is a batik manufacturer that focusing on fashion trends and providing the needs of professional classy cloth and fabric. Batik Cici Solo offers various kind of handmade Batik garment that all products are made by skilled Batik artists from several Batik area.  Unique characteristics of this brand can be seen from the originality of […]

There are various kind of Sragen Batik clothes and fabrics in Dewi Arum Batik shop, made from cotton and silk fabric.

Dewi Arum Batik – Manufacturer and Shop of Beautiful Batik Fabric & Shirt from Sragen, Central Java

Sragen is the biggest batik production centers after Pekalongan and Solo. In Sragen, there are two sub-districts, Plupuh and Masaran batik centers. The two sub- centers have some batik -producing village. The layout of them are close together, opposite each other in the north and south of the Bengawan Solo River. The villages in the […]

R & B Handwriting Batik – Workshop of Handmade Batik Fabric with Ethnic Value from Kediri, East Java

Batik is one of Indonesia’s wealth. Various regions in Indonesia have distinctive and very famous batik, for example Yogjakarta, Solo, Pekalongan and Madura. Moreover, in tourist areas, a typical product (especially for batik product) will add to the city’s identity. In Kediri City, East Java, there are several manufacturers of batik and there are also […]

Retno Sembodo – Workshop of Beautiful Handwriting Batik and Embroidery Fabric from Blitar, East Java

Blitar, one of towns in East Java has a lot of SMEs (Small and Medium Enterprises) and cooperative with superior quality handicraft and ready both compete locally and international. Retno Sembodo is one of SMEs in Blitar which having specialization in handwriting batik craft. Retno Sembodo has many kind of handwriting batik motifs and designs from Indonesia particular […]

Paksi Nagaliman Batik – Cirebon Batik Motif with Ethnic Design and Light Color, from West Java

Cirebon Batik motif has a distinctive and unique. The colors of Cirebon Batik are classic with generally dominated by yellow, black, beige base color, and partly dark red, blue, black with beige fabric base color or ivory. The beauty of Cirebon Batik should be preserved and more widely introduced to the general public.  This beautiful masterpiece typical […]