Lavega Batik – Manufacturer and Showroom of Batik Tanjung Bumi Cloth and Fabric from Madura

Batik Tanjung Bumi is one typical of famous batik from Bangkalan with more unique motif when compared to Madura batik from other districts. This batik motif tend to be more nuanced Madura with characteristic color of red, yellow, green, or one of the three on each batik. Motif of Batik Tanjung Bumi are dominated by surrounding nature such […]

Tanjung Bumi Batik – Beautiful and Unique Batik Motif with Named “Batik Gentongan” from Bangkalan, Madura Island

Batik is one of the Indonesia’s cultural works already famous to foreign countries. Almost every area of this country has a batik handicraft centers, especially the island of Java and its surroundings. Batik handicraft centers become cultural tourism destination much used by tourists both from within the country and abroad themselves. Madura island which lies […]