Eeb Gading Art – Beautiful and Unique of Hand Painting and Calligraphy Mortar Craft from Surabaya, East Java

Eeb Gading Art is gallery of various handicraft products that using mortar material. Mortar handicraft product has converted into a very beautiful and unique calligraphy painting handicraft with various motifs and colors. This is one of handmade products from Surabaya regency, East Java. As wall decoration, the calligraphy painting was create in a such way so it looks beautiful to hang […]

Dian Collection – Handmade “Mini Barbie” Doll with Using Indonesia Tradional Cloth – Craft from Surabaya

Dian Collection is one of souvenir shop in Surabaya, East Java that offers wide variety of handmade souvenirs for you. Dian Collection is one of SMEs in Surabaya that producing miniature dolls as an ornament or a wedding gift and souvenir graduation. Dian Collection also has a concept to save the Indonesian culture to remain preserved by […]

Amira Handicraft – Gallery of Embroidery Craft and Patchwork Creation from Surabaya, East Java

Patchwork is a “waste” fabric remnants which the most people look the fabric is no longer useful. But in the hands of creative people, patchwork can be transformed into a beautiful bed covers, blankets, curtains, bags, dolls, coasters, and others. Utilization of patchwork fabric can rag to beautify the room, living room, or in every corner […]

Eva Accessories – Shop of Fashion Accessories and Beads Craft Jewelry from Surabaya, East Java

This is one of the accessories shop in Surabaya which has a lot of models choices for women accessories. All accessories jewelries such as necklace, bracelet, key chain, hair accessories, brooch crafts in Eva Accessories are beautiful, unique, and elegant. The flagship of the product is various types of beads brooch. All accessories products made by craftsmen […]

Andyni Collection – Manufacturer and Shop of Batik Bag Craft and Souvenir from Surabaya, East Java

Andyni Collection is one of the flagship products of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) District of Gunung Anyar which producing batik bags. By optimizing the human resources in the environment, Andyni Collection always focuses on empowering the citizens of Mount Anyar economic improvement. Under the control of Mrs. Srie Budi Utami, with a workshop at Jl Rungkut […]

101 True Fashion Earth – Gallery of Ethnic Designed Fashion and Jewelry Accessories from Surabaya, East Java

101 True Fashion Earth produces contemporary ethnic accessories from stone, bone, coconut shell, and wood. In addition to being a reference of choice for women, fashion accessories of 101 True Fashion Earth is often used as a souvenir handicrafts from Surabaya. If the previous products of 101 True Fashion Earth are packed with goodie bag […]

JOHN ANGLO – Leather Product and Wooden Craft with Ethnic and Fashion Design from Surabaya, East Java

Handicraft products that made of leather are now increasingly popular start bags, shoes, purses and jackets. The finished product is manufactured from the four-yearly and that makes be different is like pull-ups, vintage favored the foreign expatriates. Therefore, John Anglo offers unique handmade leather craft here, represent the beauty and graceful of Indonesian style combined with modern […]

Kampoeng Sanse Soerabaia – Craft Center and Gallery of Knitting Craft and Rattan Handbag from Surabaya, East Java

Kampoeng Sanse Soerabaia is creative gallery of handmade crafts that expanding women small and micro enterprises in business development and critical awareness through organizing, training, critical discussions, seminars, technical assistants, as well as facilitating the development and quality of products and markets, etc. By this association, the Surabaya women can explore their talent and develop their ability to […]

Light Craft – Handmade Light Decoration with Colorful and Beautiful Design from Surabaya, East Java

Found in Surabaya 2009, Light Craft is a producer and distributor of Light Decoration products in various styles such as Cotton Ball String Lights, Character Lamps, Rattan Ball Lights, and Big Cotton Ball Lampshade. Further products of Light Craft are include DIY furniture metal & PP cabinet storage which are for sold both inside and outside the country. Light Craft are truly pleased […]

De Glace – The Art of Glass for Accessories and Home Ornament, from Surabaya – East Java

White sparkling of glass ornament creations in De Glace look like crystal and so beautiful, no wonder the eye can be widened in awe when you see it. Its unique method for making glass craft is done manually without mold tools. With special expertise in the craft of making souvenirs and sufficient capital, craftsmen of […]