Main Pola Craft – Gallery of Wooden Craft with Variety of Batik Motif and Ethnic Value from Yogyakarta

Main Pola Craft is gallery of wooden crafts in Yogyakarta. This gallery shop provides wide range of wooden handicraft and home accessories products that made from wood with good quality. Main Pola Craft also produces a lot of home accessories that are made from quality wood. Craft products of Main Pola Craft are mostly made of wood […]

Sanggar Bima Mujiyono – Craftsmen of Leather Puppet Craft and Ethnic Souvenir Original from Bantul, Yogyakarta

Sanggar Bima Mujiyono is shelter for Yogyakarta Culture, Art, and Craft. Mission of Sanggar Bima Mujiyono is to promote mostly eco-friendly, variety of crafts made by artisans from Yogyakarta’s border and remote regions, such as products of leather crafts that are made into ethnic puppet, and products of coconut shell crafts that are made into variety decorative accessories and […]

Asta Auliya Handicraft – Center of Mask Handicraft and Cultural Products from Yogyakarta

Besides batik, Yogyakarta also has center of mask craft. Bobung Tourism Village is located in Patuk District, Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta. The residents of this tourist village are mostly work as craftsmen mask. No kidding, wooden mask craft in Bobung is worldwide and famous to the other countries. To make the mask, the raw material used comes from […]

Cupu Manik – Gallery of Indonesia’s Handmade Souvenir of Shadow Puppet from Bandung, West Java

Cupumanik Gallery has been estblished since 1980, located in Bandung by its’s founder who once studied art in Bandung Institute of Technology, the late H. Heri Hermawan. In 1987, he received his first achievment that is Upakarti Award as the Hero of Local Culture Preservation from the late Indonesian’s President, Soeharto. Love of the puppet […]

Reog Ponorogo – The Beautiful Handicraft with Ethnic Value Art from Ponorogo, East Java

Reog is one of artistic cultures that originated from Ponorogo, East Java and Ponorogo nickname as Reog city truth. Because of this, Ponorogo is also known as Reog city. Reog is also famous as traditional dance that become the main identity for Ponorogo regency. Ponorogo city gates is decorated by Warok, two figures who have appeared at […]