Five Indonesian Traditional Products That Have Been Global

Even though Indonesian products are considered too general for Indonesians, it turns out that many of the traditional products made in Indonesia goes to global. Therefore, we want to share information about what Indonesian products are worldwide and are used by people outside Indonesia. Woven FabricWoven fabrics are Indonesian-made fabrics that well known to the […]

Sanggar Bima Mujiyono – Craftsmen of Leather Puppet Craft and Ethnic Souvenir Original from Bantul, Yogyakarta

Sanggar Bima Mujiyono is shelter for Yogyakarta Culture, Art, and Craft. Mission of Sanggar Bima Mujiyono is to promote mostly eco-friendly, variety of crafts made by artisans from Yogyakarta’s border and remote regions, such as products of leather crafts that are made into ethnic puppet, and products of coconut shell crafts that are made into variety decorative accessories and […]

Ethnic and Traditional Art of Shadow Puppet Handicraft from Nganjuk, East Java

Puppet (wayang) is traditional art products that well known on the Java Island. There are many types of puppets, such as puppets show, marionettes, shadow puppets, etc. All kinds of puppet art are usually played in special events. Shadow puppet is one art of Javanese cultures, which until now remained in the middle of rush […]