Five Indonesian Traditional Products That Have Been Global

Even though Indonesian products are considered too general for Indonesians, it turns out that many of the traditional products made in Indonesia goes to global. Therefore, we want to share information about what Indonesian products are worldwide and are used by people outside Indonesia. Woven FabricWoven fabrics are Indonesian-made fabrics that well known to the […]

Sinar Jati Furniture – Manufacturer of Solid Teak and Wood Carving Decorative Furniture from Ngawi, East Java

Sinar Jati Furniture is manufacturer & exporter of solid teak furniture that located in Ngawi, East Java that provides a wide range of handicraft products and furniture made from wood with good quality. Sinar Jati Furniture creates unique home decoration furniture and handmade craft pieces products. This teak furniture and wood carving in Sinar Jati Furniture require high precision and artistic […]

Anugerah Meuble will always be ready to provide and create a good quality furniture and handicraft that you want.

Anugerah Meuble – Furniture and Craft Center of Various Spindle and Processed Teak Wood from Sumenep, Madura Island

Anugerah Mauble is the center of Madura wooden craft products, especially from Sumenep. There are handmade craft, teak furniture products, and local souvenirs here. Anugerah Mauble can help you to find what you are looking for indoor and outdoor teak furniture. Using natural and recycle materials wherever possible with the environmental in mind, this gallery produces world-class quality […]

Oje Parcelbox – Gallery of Cutlery Craft Made From Wood Material with Elegant Design, from Central Java

Oje Parcelbox is the wooden craft gallery in Central Java. This gallery offers you variety of wooden craft products that you can use it as a gift or souvenirs, such as unique cutlery, cooking ware, and picture frame that made of wood creation. Oje Parcelbox is also manufacturer of natural wood that create unique home decoration wood […]

MADE BUDIASA – Gallery and Wood Carver with Highly Valuable Arts and Crafts of Bali, Indonesia

Bali is one of the world’s favorite destinations if people are looking for a place which is full of leisure with tropical atmosphere. There is no doubt that people love Bali because it has very beautiful natural landscape which is combined with the cultural atmosphere which is very thick in the island which is part […]

Dinda Art – Souvenir and Wood Carving Handicraft with Best Quality Original from Lombok, NTB

Dinda Art is one of handicraft and souvenir centers in Lombok Island that has many kind design of handicraft, from a simple classic design to a very special & exotic one. Collections of Dinda Art are vary, starting from keris (Javanese traditional dagger), meuble, decorative furniture, wood carving, mask, basket, ikat fabric, woven bag, etc. Dinda Art […]