Oje Parcelbox – Gallery of Cutlery Craft Made From Wood Material with Elegant Design, from Central Java

Oje Parcelbox is the wooden craft gallery in Central Java. This gallery offers you variety of wooden craft products that you can use it as a gift or souvenirs, such as unique cutlery, cooking ware, and picture frame that made of wood creation. Oje Parcelbox is also manufacturer of natural wood that create unique home decoration wood […]

All handmade collections in this shop are made from good quality handmade by skilled craftsman

Chawaty Collection – Shop of Accessories Craft and Moslem Fashion Product, from Surabaya, East Java

Chawaty Collection is one of accessories shop and Moslem fashion boutique in Surabaya city. This shop supplies mukena (female Moslem wear for praying), women long-sleeve clothes, long shirt, and hijab fashion. Chawaty Collection also has known for its embroidery fashion, made by local tailor and designed by skilled embroidery designer. All clothes products here uses cotton material that […]

Tiena Craft – Masterpiece of Sea Shell Craft with Variety Picture Products from Bandung, West java

Tiena Craft is center of sea-shell handicrafts manufacturer in Banding. This gallery makes various wall decoration, picture, and jar products using sea-shell. Sea-shell has beautiful natural color from its own original shell. It has gradation color that makes it more beautiful. The main color is dark and light which are good if they are combined in a […]