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Qualiteak is a company that producing furniture and exporting to many different countries. With more than 20 years’ experience of working in teak outdoor furniture for worldwide market, this furniture manufacturer know that there are many aspects to reach. First target: customer satisfaction. Not only about reasonable price, but also it should be comfortable, has good function, nice looking and proportion, save and space efficiency container loading, simple enough to assembling or storing, and strong enough for some summer outdoor gatherings.

Qualiteak have warehouse at some locations in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia to be enough to proceed 5-6 containers in a month. They concern to have a happy skillful team on the production line and office, as they believe a happy employee generates a good working result.

Qualiteak use only legal certified wood to produce furniture for the customer, and offer the customer to be together with them distribute in replanting new teak tree every time they ship out containers. Qualiteak give back what they took from nature to keep the world better for the next generation.

To answer the need of the world market on new design, Qualiteak do material combination of teak and rope or metals. With some creativity there will always be a new modified item and customized design on some condition required.

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