Subur Furniture

This store is a manufacturer and supplier for meubel and furniture from Jakarta, Indonesia. They have supplier from USA, Malaysia, Taiwan, China and Indonesia. The products are taken from the famous brand like Kingkoil, Sealy, Serta,
Simmons, Spring Air, Airland, Dunlopillo, Tempur, Luxe, Romance bed and Comforta.

In addition, Subur is also provides wide selection of furniture / office work such as office desks, tables of directors, meeting table, partition table / office partitions, office chairs, director chairs, secretary chairs, lecture chairs, cafe chairs, office sofa, filing cabinet , mobile files, and the baby box from various brands like Ligna, Olympic, Hakari, Babybelle, Modera, Expo, Indachi, Chairman, Savello, Fantoni, Chitose, Elite, Lion, Brother, Morress, UNO, Alba, Datascript, High Point and there are many more.

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