7 Crafts from Natural Materials As The Hallmark of Indonesia and The Examples

Indonesia handicrafts have been widely known in the world with various forms, creative, innovative, and always evolving. Indonesia is also known as an exporter of handicrafts made with natural processes and materials. Thus, the handicraft products made are also very diverse and have certain characteristics from each region. The manufacture of handicraft products in one […]

Ceramic Making Techniques in Indonesia

According to Bambang Gatot Soebroto in a journal entitled Four Basic Techniques for Making Manual Ceramics (Without Rotary Tools) (2019), there are four basic techniques that often used in making ceramics: Twisted techniqueThis technique is also often referred to as a coil. Usually applied on a rotary table, because the craftsman will add the twist […]

The Definition of Ceramic Crafts

Ceramic crafts have been known since the Neolithic era. This statement proved by the discovery of various small pieces of pottery on the hills of Sumatran clam shells (in Indonesia). Ceramic craft is a type of craft made from forming and burning clay so that it changes its nature. In this case, the change referred […]