10 Products of Indonesia Exports in the World

Year on year basis, total exports of Indonesian products rise 51.94%, the highest increase from non-oil exports. Exports of crude oil and gas increased both in volume and in value. Meanwhile, from non-oil and gas exports there was an increase in commodities such as steel, jewelry, gems and precious metals. Some of Indonesia’s mainstay non-oil and gas commodities increased, such as palm oil, which rise 4.24% month to month (MoM), copper rise 3.74 MoM, gold rise 2.43% MoM. Meanwhile, those that experienced a decline were rubber, coal, and cocoa.

The increase in exports was due to demand and rising prices of several commodities, particularly in the oil and gas sector which rise 5.34% compared to the previous month, the manufacturing industry rise 0.56%, mining rise 2.33%.

However, exports of agricultural products fell by 14.55%, although compared to year on year, they still rise 18.98%. The decline occurred in products from bird’s nest products, non-timber forest products, medicinal plants (aromatics, spices), coffee and seasonal fruit.

The increase in non-oil and gas exports to several destination countries also occurred to China, Switzerland, South Korea, Taiwan, and Malaysia. Meanwhile, Indonesia’s non-oil exports to the Netherlands, Japan, Bangladesh, Italy, India.

Meanwhile, the 10 non-oil and gas export goods that are still Indonesia’s mainstay are animal fats and oils, mineral fuels, iron/steel, electrical machinery and equipment, vehicles and parts thereof, rubber and rubber products, precious metals/jewelry/gems, machinery and equipment, mechanical equipment, chemical products, and footwear.


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