3 Categories of the Most Popular Household Furniture in Pandemic Period

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed people’s spending priorities, including home furnishings. There are three categories of products that are most in demand by consumers during the period of restrictions on activities outside the home.

The first category is the need for work from home (WFH). In this case, supporting furniture, such as tables and chairs. Not only work desk, consumers also often use the dining table for work. One of the things is a long wooden table with surface measuring 200cm x 90cm. The table has combined with a long bench and three arm chairs that make it look clean.

The second category of home furnishings is gardening and outdoors. The high consumer interest in this category is because the popularity of gardening hobbies during the pandemic. Various baskets to beautify the appearance of plants, much sought after by buyers.

The outdoor concept should launched mid-year. However, now it has sold so well, even the outdoor trolley is used for restaurants. There are also sofa chairs beside the swimming pool, which are in high demand nowadays. There are also outdoor sofas, outdoor coffee tables, and outdoor armchairs.

Lastly, kitchen utensils are the third most popular category for home furnishings. Plates, spoons, and mugs were sold to beautify the appearance. Before the pandemic, most people liked to eat out of the house, now everyone eats at home. So, the demand for kitchen utensils is also increasing.


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