Arbor And Troy Furniture

Arbor and Troy is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. A company based on interior design and indoor furniture supplier majoring on sofas, chairs, dining sets, and some related. “To make life comfortable” is become the vision from this company, in order to bring convenient at homes by giving the best products that will fulfilling the home […]

Jakarta Home Decor

This company was build in 1993, and already set up to be the best Rattan furniture company in Indonesia, by the more that 13 years experience, this company has reach the Interior Lifestyle with complete range that available for the market. This company runs their system based on 6 principals, which is, design, quality, team […]

KDF Furniture

KDF Furniture KDF Furniture online catalog, is a manufacturer of wooden furniture located in Jepara,Central Java Indonesia. This site is intended to provide the customers with a insight into the type of beautiful Furniture available. Their experience is in indoor, outdoor furniture and many kinds models of furniture design. Every material come from high quality […]

Children Furniture Set

Children furniture suppliers help you to provide affordable children’s furniture that are good quality and manufactured with children safe material and components. Find the good children furniture supplier to find your furniture need. Make sure that the products offered are made with MDF (Medium Density Foam Wood), non toxic paint and other child safe components. […]

Children Furniture Production

Here in Indonesia Furniture Industry, provide you only the high quality of children furniture products. In taking advantage of nature while preserving its values, they become closer to understanding the beauty of wood as the essential of life. Bring this sense of beauty with the vary of their products; children table, children chair, children cabinet […]

Box Children Furniture

Here is a children furniture producer from Bali, Indonesia. It has been in the business since 1992 in designing, manufacturing and exporting various design of children furniture to domestic market and many countries in the world. They design and manufacture wide range of beautiful children furniture from chair, table, cabinet, bed side and many others […]

Children Furniture Craft

This furniture company is an exporter furniture specializing in children furniture set. The products are including table, chair, cabinet, bedroom, and others children or kids need for their room. The products also made from selected material with international standard quality. They choose comfort material for children and safe for them. All of the furniture and […]

Gabe Art Furniture

Established in 1991, this company is focuses business in manufacturing and exporting handmade indoor furniture, outdoor furniture and accessories home decoration. Since 1991 GABE International Furniture has supply wooden furniture to customers from France, Germany,The Netherlands, USA, Spain, Italy, U.K, Greece, Turkey, Singapore,Bahama, Maldives,and Australia. The average present turn over of GABE is about 90 […]

Galeri Jepara

Galery Jepara Galeri Jepara Furniture produces antique & traditional style but also modern minimalist style that is growing demand these days, located in Jepara. Galeri Jepara Furniture can help you to find what you are looking for. The company is supported by well capable people who work professionally. They control their products under highly standard […]