FARABI CUSHION – Indoor and Outdoor Cushion Manufacturer from Indonesia with Cool and Unique Style

Farabi Cushion is manufacturer and exporter of cushion products for furniture. Settled in Jepara, Central Java, this company evolves to be able to supply various kinds of cushion products.  Farabi Cushion provides numerous kinds of cushion products for home decoration both indoor and outdoor, including bench cushions, deep seating cushions, folding chair cushions, stacking chair cushions, lounger cushions, sling cushions, pillow cushions, umbrella, etc. Farabi Cushion helps the cushion for outdoor and indoor furniture in every style. Supported by skilled craftsman, Farabi Cushion always continues to develop innovative designs and follow the passion for cushion products. Farabi Cushion is professionally improve their production to make better products in every seasons.

Farabi Cushion is very concerned about new product development with a design that follows the market requirements both the model and the function. This company also produces to client specifications because the mission of Farabi Cushion is satisfying its customers by producing consistent high quality product with integrity and to provide a reliable, and efficient service. Farabi Cushion has been expanding into exporting one and producing variety of the cushion with selected textile material to get international standard cushion products. Farabi Cushion would be happy to assist costumer with any questions that customer may have about cushion products of this company, price or shipping to costumer location. Please contact Farabi Cushion because Farabi Cushion is always ready be a partner and buying agent for your every need of cushion for furniture.

Indonesia Cushion – Outdoor Maker Cushion
Jl. Banyuputih No. 41 Kalinyamatan, Jepara – Central Java
Jl. Kauman I no 50, Margoyoso – Kalinyamatan, Jepara – Central Java
Phone: +62-8122520452
Website: https://www.farabicushion.com/

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