Get to know the 9 Most Popular Types of Marble in Indonesia

Marble is one of the building materials commonly used in Indonesia. Both as the exterior or interior of the building. As a complement to the interior, the new use of marble is also very varied, starting as marble floors, walls, table tops, to just decorative elements. The popularity of using marble is due to the beauty of the motifs and colors of this natural material. Interested in bringing the beauty of this material to your home? Let’s first identify the various types of marble to find what type is the most appropriate to perfect the interior of your residence.

Based on the composition, structure of the new marble physically starting from the pattern, color, and mineral content, marble can be classified simply into the following 9 types:

Statuary Marble
This type of marble has a smooth, white and clean appearance without contrasting patterns and textures. For those of you who want an elegant and clean look, this type of natural stone can be an option to complete your home interior.

Architectural Marble
In contrast to the previous types of marble, this type of marble has a visual color and also the appearance of textures and patterns that quite diverse and tend to be quite interesting. This type of marble also has high strength and aesthetic value, so it is most often used as a building material and also as architectural ornaments.

Ruin Marble
This type of marble has smoother texture and visually can be seen the content of abstract crystals so it is quite often used as decorative element. Its very contrasting look can actually be an interesting artistic value if applied correctly.

Onyx Marble
Like onyx stone, this type of marble has slightly transparent look and formed from composition of organic substances and calcite. This type of natural stone is one of the most popular because it is synonymous with luxury and elegant feel.

Breccia Marble
The main characteristic of this marble type is that it has rougher pattern and texture than marble materials in general. This makes it often the choice for building exteriors. The accent produced by this type of stone is also quite strong and has character.

Cipolin Marble
Having abstract groove pattern look, this type of marble was often used in ancient times in ancient Greek buildings. This marble stone contains mica and talc in it.

The main characteristic of this type of stone is its color which is dominated by natural beige and brown tones. This type of marble is often found in the remains of waterlogged wet areas such as lakes or rivers in the past that have dried up.

Shell Marble
This type of marble can be said to be quite unique and eccentric because it is formed from fossils. No wonder it looks so artistic. Because of its rarity, this type of natural stone is often used as a point of interest in design, both building and interior.

Marble Cultivation
This type of marble, also known as artificial marble, is a material made from mixture of marble dust and cement to produce a material that resembles marble.

Those are the variant of marble that has different characteristics and distinctive look. Because it is a natural material, not infrequently this stone is very porous so it is prone to stains. So, make sure to always complete your marble installation with the best coating to protect it from damage.


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