Glass Painting In Various Motives From Surabaya, East Java

This place sells various handicraft products use glass material. Waste glass handicraft product has converted into a very beautiful and unique handicraft with various motifs and colors. Various art products such as plaques, decorative lamps, vases, picture frames, until the miniature buildings and towers. Not only the domestic market, the demand of this craft also come from European countries, like the Netherlands and United Kingdom.

Each product has made one by one in handmade. Every process requires precision and caution so as not to distort the shape that has been made. Various forms of miniature, such as; ashtrays, vases, Eiffel tower, cannon, Cross, and many others. The shop is also ready to produce custom demand in any numbers.

Apart from being a merchandise, the store also plans will be used as a place or a workshop sharing knowledge to make the glass handicraft.

Carnadia Gallery
Jl. Nias 100 Surabaya

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