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Jepara Furniture Has Good Quality
Furniture products must in good quality because this product will be used for a long period of time. Jepara furniture products are made with very strong construction so that the products are known to be sturdy and durable in use. Jepara furniture products can last up to tens or even hundreds of years. In addition, this furniture product is resistant to termites and resistant to all weather.

Has High Art Value
This is one of the factors why Jepara furniture products are so distinctive and worldwide. Jepara furniture products usually carved of typical Jepara products. The furniture carvings are made carefully and calculation to create engraving with high artistic value.

Rattan Furniture Set

Has Timeless Model
Although it is famous for its high artistic value furniture, it doesn’t mean that the furniture models offered cannot be adjusted to the times. In addition to traditional styles, now Jepara furniture also provides classic, retro, minimalist, modern to contemporary furniture models following the market tastes in modern era.

Jepara Furniture

Has a Large Choice of Furniture Products

Not only tables and chairs, Jepara teak furniture has many choices of products. Starting from the dining table, cupboards, park benches and others.

Have you already interesting with Jepara furniture products and planning to buy it? Visit the Kalingga Putra Furniture manufacturer. This furniture company produced and supplied many kind of furniture products, start from outdoor and indoor furniture, wood door, various wood working and even wood carving crafts. As the experienced furniture manufacturer for tens years, Kalingga Putra Furniture certainly gives the good furniture and very worthy of being considered as subscription furniture supplier.

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