Nautai Wood Art and Furniture – Craft and Furniture Center with Touch of Art and Ethnic Value from Bogor, West Java

Bogor is also known as one of teak manufacturers and wooden craft centers  in Java because Bogoro has large and wide teak forests. So it’s not surprising if Bogor has furniture and wooden craft industry that made ​​of teak wood and root. Bogor has variety of potential enterprises which deserve to be proud that one of them is wooden craft art and root furniture in gallery of Nautai Wood Art and Furniture. This gallery is center of the teak craft and root furniture in Bogor. This gallery provides wide range of handicraft and furniture products that made from roots with good quality. This teak root and wood craft, requires high precision and artistic creativity, because not everyone can sculpt twigs roots. Teak root can create in any crafts product based on the market want. Before sculpted or carved, the wooden roots allowed to advance in open space so that rain and heat will treat it. This gallery supplies various kind of teak root handmade craft and furniture, such as vase, ewer, jar, calligraphy, ashtray, accesorries craft for home decoration, solid table, solid stool, teak bench, chair, cabinet, bowl, sculpture, and many more products of furniture.

Teak wood carving craft in Nautai Wood Art and Furniture is truly unique because it is made by imagination and no pattern, even actually there are not products that have exactly the same size. This is promises of unique product that will not have the same product with one another. Teak root products of Nautai Wood Art and Furniture are made by skilled craftsmen and experts, who faithfully follow the projects of the art home furniture design, carefully choosing the best materials and manufacturing methods improved from year to year by a practice passionate. Craft and furniture products are done by an experienced carpenter because of good quality handmade is a priority for this workshop. All handicraft and furniture products are very suitable for your home decoration and as souvenir or gift. You can buy this wooden craft and furniture in retail and wholesale with affordable price. Nautai Wood Art and Furniture also provides for exporting service.



Handicraft art and root furniture
Jl Raya Bogor Sukabumi km 5, Ranji, Bogor – West Java
Mobile: (+62) 822 1810


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