Nupradan Furniture, Solo – Central Java

Nupradan furniture is an Indonesian supplier of timber furniture producing Classic Timber Furniture, Mission Style Furniture and other contemporary designs. Now on, they are currently exporting products into International Market. Till today, this furniture company has more than 12 years experience in the bussiness with wide variety of furniture items.

Settled in Solo, Central Java, Nupradan furniture company has exported its products to Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Italy, Canada, Portugal, Japan, United Kingdom, and many more.

The timber furniture itself contain of 12% wood moisture and sells in affordable price. The products are including; buffets, chest of drawers, mix rattan basket furniture, bookcase and display cabinets.

For more info, please contact:
Mr. Udi Utomo
Address: Semen Rante 14B, Mangkuyudan, Solo 57142, Central Java – Indonesia

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